Cooperation: The 11th Annual Consultations between Bhutan and Japan on Economic Cooperation was held in New Delhi on August 23.

The two countries exchanged views on the status of Japanese assistance to Bhutan, including the progress of the 11th Plan and the preparation status of the 12th Plan. The Bilateral Development Assistance Needs Survey and other issues of mutual interest were also discussed during the annual meeting.

The two sides reviewed on-going projects and deliberated on the prioritised projects submitted by the Bhutanese government.

The annual consultation between Bhutan and Japan on economic cooperation was first instituted in 2006 to provide a platform for the two countries to discuss avenues and to review and exchange views on bilateral economic cooperation.

Speaking at the consultation, the director of the bilateral affairs department of the foreign affairs ministry, Kesang Wangdi conveyed his appreciation to the Japanese government for their unwavering and continued assistance and friendship to Bhutan.

Director Kesang Wangdi led the Bhutanese delegation comprising representatives from various ministries and agencies. The Japanese delegation was led by economic and development minister, Kenko Sone, of the Japanese embassy in New Delhi.

Officials from the JICA Bhutan office, including chief representative from JICA Bhutan, Koji Yamada, were also present at the consultation.

Staff reporter