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Tuesday September 26 2023

Import of electricity to surge in winter

Bhutan will have to import electricity from India for about five months during the lean season – from December this year to April next year, which could cost around Nu 6 Billion (B).

83,599 visited Bhutan after border opening

The arrival of tourists to date has been close to its...

Police bust prostitution ring in Gelephu

Gelephu -  Thirty Gelephu police personnel patrol the streets at night...

NRDCL resumes sand supply addresses backlog

Wangdue - Much to the relief of those in the construction...


A symbolic season

It is the festival season in the country, or at least in the western region. Starting with the Blessed Rainy Day on Sunday and the Thimphu Tshechu in the capital city, it will be a long extended weekend. The festive season heralds a season of bountifulness, like our farmers say, a season to reap the gold by the handful, a reference to harvesting paddy.

SDGs, measuring our own pace

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), envisioned as a beacon...

A modern Bhutanese market

The newly-opened Centenary Farmers’ Market is an immediate hit....


Untangling the maze of myths and beliefs

As dusk descends, it emerges in search of food. After feeding on fruits, it disperses the seeds, and it also aids in pollination. It preys on pests too. And, when the world wakes up, it goes to sleep.

Rising from the ashes

The smell of charred wood still hung in the...

An inspiring journey through NFE programme

Gelephu - After three years of dedicated study in...

Building homes away from home 

Nine years ago, Minjur Dorji accompanied his uncle to...


Bhutan to face India and Bangladesh in U-19 SAFF Championship

The Under (U)-19 Dragon Boys will play against India and Bangladesh,  two formidable teams, in the fifth U-19 SAFF Championship in Kathmandu, Nepal from September 21 to 30.    

Senior citizens celebrate birth of Gyalsem at Danglo

The celebration was not grand. From afar, it was...

Community keeps archery passion alive

Sarpang - The archers of Singye gewog in Sarpang...

Asian Games contingent attends safe sports

The Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC) conducted a safe sports awareness programme in...


Wood and wood-based products export to bring Nu 10B 

Bhutan, a forest-abundant country, aims to earn a revenue of Nu 10 billion from the export of wood and wood products in the next five years. 

Young poultry farmers abandon their business

A decade ago, the prospect of poultry farming drew...

Egg demand soars in meat-less month

Demand for eggs has spiked in the capital as...

Govt. proposes 55-74 percent pay hike for civil servants 

If the parliament passes the Pay Revision Bill of...

Life Style

Ask Mr Bhutan

My right knee hurts. I have seen a doctor and taken appropriate medication. But few weeks on the pain still lingers. I seek advice? 

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Pain is not the cause. Most of our current medical and social approach is limited in scope and vision. It is mostly geared towards eliminating only the signal and not the cause.

Making Machines Understand Languages Is the Next Great Frontier in AI

Rob Toews’ article titled “Language is the next great...

Drugpa Tshezhi and the Buddha’s First Sermon

Drugpa Tshezhi (དྲུག་པ་ཚེས་བཞི་) or the 4th day of the...



Bangladesh sees record potato production, yet prices going up

DHAKA – Potato prices are soaring even though farmers this year grew a record 1.04 crore tonnes, cutting the buying power of consumers, especially fixed and low-income people already battered by sustained high inflation.

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Focus Point


Contrasting Approaches: Alcohol Regulations vs. Criminalizing Sex Work

Prostitution, despite being one of the world's oldest professions,...

Reducing Risks from Flash Flood Events

How can Bhutan avoid another disaster such as Ungar...

Thinking outside the box on rice production

In my last opinion piece, I argued that we...

Balancing the trade-offs under electoral laws

Elections in any society are generally a complex process,...

Who is a nyikem?

Literarily, nyikelm in English means either double rank or...



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