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Friday December 2 2022

Budget shortage ends MoE’s decision to transfer principals en mass 

The education ministry issued a notification last month on its decision to transfer 154 principals and 58 vice-principals (VPs) who have served more than nine years or more in the current dzongkhags or thromdes. 

Supreme Court asked RICB, its employees, and Ugyen Wangchuk to repay a loan Nu 34M each

The Supreme Court upheld the judgement of the High Court regarding...

NA drops NC’s 10 percent sales tax on mobile phones

The National Assembly (NA) on November 30 did not pass the...

30 piggery farms in Gelephu at risk of African Swine Fever 

The outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), a highly contagious viral...


Bringing NCDs into sharp focus again

One of the most significant findings from the free health screening in Thimphu is that the government and corporate employees need more physical exercise and are advised to improve their dietary habits.

Losing professionals in important sectors

Going by the number of people going abroad for...

No hero, no villain

By the time the National Council session ended yesterday...

Picture Story


Lone youth runs the mustard oil processing firm in Dagana

A CGI-sheet shed, an oil expellant, and few bottles of mustard oil on a tiny shelf at the corner of the room.

Sonam Dorji Subba, 24, runs Dagana’s only mustard oil production firm at the post-harvest sub-centre in Dagapela.

Shingkhar Lauri: A picture of changing Bhutanese villages

My job, as a reporter, takes me to new...

Orchid farmers in Geserling struggle with low demand

Despite high hopes, Gesarling Women’s Orchid Farm in Dagana...

Mahabalipuram’s great stonework

Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is one of the many...


Bridging the gap

Fifty-two students from remote schools in Bhutan came to Thimphu to undergo a five-day programme organised by the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) at Changlingmithang.

AI and ‘psychic’ animals predict the World Cup results

With Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) screening every game on...

BFF will set giant screen at Changlimithang

It is cold in Thimphu, but there are plans...

World Cup matches on Sports 18 channel cable tv

Football enthusiasts around the country can watch the FIFA...


Potato exporters not receiving full INR payment 

Export of potatoes has started earning INR (Rupee).

Between September 5 and October 25, the auction yard of the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) in Phuentsholing exported 2,571 metric tonnes (MT) of red and white potatoes, worth Nu 62 millions (M) and 917MT, and other vegetables worth Nu 23M.

Export of ferrosilicon resumes with BIS certification extension 

Export of ferrosilicon, which was on hold since October...

At Nu 256.99B National debt is at moderate risk 

The country’s national debt as of September was Nu...

Foreign exchange quota misuse affects reserve

The foreign currency reserve is dwindling, risking the country’s...

Life Style

Making Machines Understand Languages Is the Next Great Frontier in AI

Rob Toews’ article titled “Language is the next great frontier in AI” published on in February this year caught my attention because of my interest in this subject. My Ph.D research was on Natural Language Processing and Text Mining.

Drugpa Tshezhi and the Buddha’s First Sermon

Drugpa Tshezhi (དྲུག་པ་ཚེས་བཞི་) or the 4th day of the...

Ask Mr Bhutan

Hi Mr Bhutan, I would like to know your thoughts...



Does the stronger dollar make sense?

As the Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points last Wednesday for the fourth time this year, financial markets are beginning to shake.  Basically, the interest rate hikes in response to higher inflation is a reversal of nearly two decades of generally declining global interest rates, higher asset bubbles and not surprisingly, anemic growth.  

Global food supply faces fresh turmoil with rice prices set to climb

Food supply, already squeezed by shortages in wheat, corn...

Thailand’s PM Prayut to stop duties while awaiting court verdict on eight-year term limit: Reports

Thailand's constitutional court on Wednesday (Aug 24) ordered Prime...

US interest rate hikes unlikely to trigger another financial crisis in Southeast Asia

In the face of the soaring inflation, the US...

Focus Point


Waste management is the responsibility of both state and the people

With the increasing population and human activity, waste management...

King Gesar: An 11th Century King for the 21st Century

When I tell people that I am studying the...

Decolonising the Bhutan Forest Bill 2021

Our greatest national pride is that we were never...

Parliamentarians must rely on evidence-based decisions

This week, the Economics and Finance Committee of the...

Historic moment for judicial reform-The human resource

It's final and great news. Delinking judicial personnel from...



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