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Wednesday May 31 2023

Decline in cash crop production puts export target at risk

The government’s ambitious plan to produce 400,000 crate boxes from various saw millers to meet export requirements is facing a potential setback as the production of the country’s top three cash crops, namely apple, areca nuts, and mandarin orange, has declined.

One in four poor is a child

As 26,066 Bhutanese exited multidimensional poverty in 2022 since 2017, 16,181...

Accident claims lives of a mother and her child 

A mother and her daughter were instantly killed when the car...

Japan approves billions in loan for economic recovery 

To support economic recovery and growth, Bhutan has sought 6,550 million...


Exporting our products

It was an awkward moment for the diplomat. The Bangladeshi importer had driven the truck to the Bhutanese Embassy gate and questioned them about the quality of the packaging. The complaint was that the goods, orange, in this case, were not packed properly. The thin leftover wood from sawmills used to pack oranges was not strong enough to hold the goods being exported from Bhutan to Bangladesh.

Embracing sustainable habits

As the world grapples with the ever-increasing challenges of...

Invest in public transport

Bhutan has taken a commendable step in conserving foreign...

Picture Story


Games that we played

A simple game that many Bhutanese girls grew up playing and can hardly recall the rules now is chabcha, a stone game. Five small pebbles that can easily fit in the palm and knowing how to count is all the game requires. 

Exploring the mysteries of Bali Lhakhang

Nestled along the road leading to Haa Dzongkhag Court,...

Farewell, fading fax machine: An obituary for the obsolete

Dear Beloved Fax Machine, It is with a heavy heart...

CSI aims to be part of global supply chain 

In 2020, Thinley Yangzom was struggling to operate her...


Passang Tobgay brings gold

In a remarkable feat for Bhutan, 22-year-old Passang Tobgay, representing the Bhutan Karate Association, clinched a gold medal for the country in the -81kg weight category at the prestigious Indian Martial Arts Sansthan Karate Championship held in Rajasthan, India.

59 runners complete first stage of 200km race 

The ninth edition of the six-stage 200km race saw...

Para-shooter Kinley Dem qualifies for Asian Para Games

Kinley Dem, the national para shooter, has secured her...

Kamji Central School dominates P/ling regional taekwondo tournament

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Kamji...


Is Bhutan heading for trouble?

With a large number of people going abroad for study and work, and the dropping fertility rate, many are beginning to worry that the nation with an ageing population will de-growth its economy.

Govt. raises bond to meet fiscal gap

To meet its growing fiscal deficit, the government had raised Nu...

Bhutan to Set Up Silicon Chip and Graphite Battery Industries

Bhutan is exploring the possibility of setting up silicon...

Bhutan to Join WTO

The government has approved the country’s accession to the...

Life Style

Making Machines Understand Languages Is the Next Great Frontier in AI

Rob Toews’ article titled “Language is the next great frontier in AI” published on in February this year caught my attention because of my interest in this subject. My Ph.D research was on Natural Language Processing and Text Mining.

Drugpa Tshezhi and the Buddha’s First Sermon

Drugpa Tshezhi (དྲུག་པ་ཚེས་བཞི་) or the 4th day of the...

Ask Mr Bhutan

Hi Mr Bhutan, I would like to know your thoughts...





Focus Point


Embracing opportunities for growth and service

As I approached my twentieth birthday in 2022, I...

Climate Legislation: Protecting the vulnerable Communities

The Bhutan Climate Conclave, which took place this week,...

Protecting personal data in the digital age

In today's digital era, where individuals of all ages...

Migration of Bhutanese

Demographics of migration 10,240 babies were born and 5,115 persons...

Cultivating mental well-being

Bhutan is dealing with increasing mental health disorders like...



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