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Tuesday February 27 2024

From bears to elephants, Tsakaling farmers at risk

Tsirang — After a tusker destroyed two houses in Tsakaling under Patshaling gewog, Tsirang last month, 40-year-old Tashi Wangmo chopped down all nearby banana plants to deter elephants.

Import bill falls for first time after pandemic

Bhutan’s import bill last year saw a drop in the value...

Training the STEM Teachers

A total of 156 STEM teachers are currently participating in a...

Former land record assistant misuses more than Nu 300,000 public funds

The former land record assistant of the Lhamoizingkha administration misused revenue...


Filling the gap

The World Bank’s labour market assessment report pointing out gaps between public training providers and the needs of the private sector is not a surprise. What was surprising was that after years, perhaps decades, of recognising technical and vocational education as a priority, we are still finding a solution.

Empowering our youth through Bhutanese content

iBEST Institute in Thimphu has taken a bold step...

A reflection of our unity

As Bhutanese within the country and beyond commemorated the...


Embracing redemption: A second chance at life

Sonam, a resident of Paro, faces the challenge of unemployment in his village, where job opportunities are scarce.

To secure a reliable source of income for his family, he resorted to selling contolled substances, an act that led to his arrest alongside a friend. As a consequence, Sonam found himself sentenced to five years in prison for engaging in illicit trade.

Gawailing Happy Home: Nurturing dreams amidst challenges

Wangsisina, Gawailing Happy Home, Thimphu, February 14: — It...

Roadside resilience: Untold saga of Bhutan’s highway heroes

For the past four decades, Dechen Peldon, 55, and...

Tyre expert’s transformative journey

A car arrives at Zamlha Automobile Workshop in Tsirang,...


2024 Mewang Gyalsey Traditional Archery Tournament underway

Team Bidung Gewog from Trashigang became the first team to advance to the quarterfinals of the Mewang Gyalsey Traditional Archery Tournament, currently taking place at the Changlimithang Stadium in Thimphu. 

Team Return of Lotus wins 7th Lingkhar archery tournament

Team Return of Lotus won the 7th open Lingkhar...

Girls HSS football championship to begin soon

Two years after the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) began...

Judokas seize 2 gold, 6 more medals

Bhutan Jita-Kyoei International Judo Tournament, held at Pelkhil Dojo...


Import bill falls for first time after pandemic

Bhutan’s import bill last year saw a drop in the value for the first time since Covid-19 pandemic by 8.7 percent or Nu 10.37 billion compared to the previous year.

The import bill was reported at Nu 108.42 billion last year, according to the figures with the Department of Revenue and Customs under the finance ministry.

Wood and wood-based products export to bring Nu 10B 

Bhutan, a forest-abundant country, aims to earn a revenue...

Young poultry farmers abandon their business

A decade ago, the prospect of poultry farming drew...

Egg demand soars in meat-less month

Demand for eggs has spiked in the capital as...

Life Style

Ask Mr Bhutan

Why do most new year resolutions fail? 1. We don’t know that we are born lazy: Our genes have evolved for millions of years primarily to conserve energy, survive and reproduce. A biological system that rewards us for our innate laziness unless our survival is at stake. From our bodies perspective change is an expense, […]

Ask Mr Bhutan

Meditation has been painfully misunderstood by the world both...

Ask Mr Bhutan

Evolutionarily speaking: Anything sweet, initially fruit was a signal...



Bangladesh sees record potato production, yet prices going up

DHAKA – Potato prices are soaring even though farmers this year grew a record 1.04 crore tonnes, cutting the buying power of consumers, especially fixed and low-income people already battered by sustained high inflation.


Unfair travel directives for public servants

Bhutan has witnessed a steady exodus of its public...

Microplastic Contamination of Bottled Water: Should we reconsider our sip?

Bottled water is often preferred over tap water in...

When Punishment defies GNH

The principles of Gross National Happiness (GNH) are woven...

What does it mean to be Bhutanese?

Identity has been mankind’s longest search. The question of...

Exit the Rabbit, Enter the Wood Dragon

With Losar celebrations past and the Year of the...