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Saturday June 25 2022

NA to pass Tourism Levy Bill 2022 today

The National Assembly yesterday agreed to all the provisions in the Tourism Levy Bill 2022. The House will vote and adopt the Bill today morning, which remains only a formality. 

FCBL to close farm shops by this month

Thimphu dzongkhag tshogdu recently decided to write to the agriculture ministry...

More jobs less takers in Phuentsholing 

The Gowa program, the regional labour office in Phuentsholing conducted on...

NC19TF considering removing five-day quarantine 

With the Covid-19 pandemic cases reducing, many say that there is...


Alcohol and Bhutan

Now that the Cabinet has decided to allow restaurants to serve wine and liquor without requiring a separate bar licence, questions at the National Council put Health Minister Dechen Wangmo in a tight spot.

Change approach to fight drugs

When the Royal Bhutan Police embarked on its fight...

Let’s give reform a chance

With  details emerging from the Tourism Levy Bill, 2022,...

Picture Story


Barnyard Bhutan: A safe haven for stray and abandoned animals

With his dark eyes reflecting peace and excitement, a big black local dog, with three legs barked and lunges towards the sheds.

Celebrating the life of Japan Saab

Agur Camp, Panbang, Zhemgang. Temperature reads 37°C. The whole...

Hordung Zam—connecting Nichula

Hordung Zam, Nichula: Within 30 minutes, two bikes, goats,...

A wealth of plant information in NBC’s herbarium

Walk into the National Herbarium in Serbithang, Thimphu, and...


FC Takin leads 2022 BPL qualifiers

FC Takin lead the ongoing 2022 Bhutan Premier League (BPL) qualifiers without losing a single game. FC Takin has secured 18 points from six games as of yesterday.    

Bhutan to face Bahrain today in their last game

The senior national women’s cricket team will play their last...

Senior national women cricket team to reach Malaysia today

The senior national women’s cricket team will be in...

Tandin Dorji from Paro wins Bhutan Grand Prix  

Tandin Dorji, 36, from Paro won the Bhutan Grand...


Import prices quadruple in 2021, jump over 18% 

Import prices of goods were 18.05 percent higher in 2021 over the figure in the same quarter of the previous year, according to a report National Statistics Bureau released recently.

Escalating cost affects construction sector

For more than two years, the construction sector has...

Domestic borrowings push debt-to-GDP ratio to 130.9%

The government’s domestic borrowings pushed the public debt to...

Bhutanese economy should move from resource-driven to productivity-driven

With only hydropower dictating the economy of the country,...

Life Style

Le Judre: The Law of Cause and Effect

Le judre (ལས་རྒྱུ་འབྲས་) or the law of cause and effect is one of the most fundamental concepts in Buddhism. Predating Buddhism, it is a concept shared by other Indian religious traditions including Brahmanism and Jainism. However, the concept of karma in the Buddhist tradition differs from that of other religions or the oft-cited claim that what goes around comes around or every action has an equal reaction.

Ask Mr Bhutan

What is the biggest obstacle to happiness?

Misconceptions of Buddhism

Hi Lam, with the strong influence of western culture...



Clamp down on rice hoarders: Bangladesh PM

The cabinet yesterday directed authorities concerned to take action against companies involved in unauthorised rice trading and hoarding.

Missing Tara Air plane found crashed, 14 bodies recovered

Rescuers pulled out 14 bodies from the crash site...

WHO expects more cases of monkeypox to emerge globally

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said it expects to...

Wheat prices soar as India restricts exports; tight supplies threaten to drive up inflation even more

Wheat's trading price jumped by the maximum allowed after India's move to...

Focus Point


Tourism Development: Looking beyond SDF

The last few weeks have been very unsettling for...

A need for a separate entity to provide legal aid

Legal aid is an important part of justice under...

Bhutan Moves into the Future

Bhutan has entered a new chapter of history, an...

The legislature must avoid inconsistency

The discussion on the prosecution by the police in...

State of our roadside workers

The National Work Force (NWF) in the country was...



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