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Thursday August 18 2022

More than 13,000 tourists to come paying old tariff

The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) approved 13,244 tourists to visit Bhutan at the previous minimum daily packaged rate (MDPR) of USD 250.

All tours confirmed before June 20, this year can avail of rates applicable under the Tourism Levy Act of Bhutan 2020, MDPR, which includes the royalty of USD 65.

Retail shops in Thimphu under bribery investigation

The proprietor of Nobgang Tshongkhang, who also owns the Sale Zone has appealed to the Anti...

Youth gets 9 years in prison for rape of minor

Wamrong drungkhag court last week sentenced a 22-year-old from Kurchilo of...

Bhutan’s merchandise export falls by about 4.5 percent to Nu 8.62B

Bhutan’s merchandise export fell in the second quarter (April-June) by about 4.5...


Helplessly, not a good sign

Bhutanese going to Australia is a new trend. It is a new trend because of the sheer number of people leaving the country.

Is it a cause of concern? Yes, it is. No, it is not.

An expensive mistake

The 53 civil servants in Pemagatshel who missed their...

Our road safety  

Not long ago, pedestrians obediently walked across the zebra...

Picture Story


Rangjung Choeten of Trashiyangtse

High up in the mountains above Ngalimang village in Bumdeling, Trashiyangse, there is a unique and sacred choeten. It has always been there but many people do not know about its existence.

Machines to ease farming drudgery

As an organic capital, Tsirang is one of the...

New, Festive Farmers’ Market in Thimphu

The mood is festive. The moment you enter, the sweet and...

Homestays ready for guests

There is a buzz in the Zangmo Village Homestay...


U-17 and U-20 national teams prepare for international games  

With less than a month to play in the regional and international tournaments, Bhutan under (U)-17 and U-20 men’s national football teams are currently preparing for their upcoming international games.  

The Tigers humble Takins 8-1 

The reigning champions Paro FC got off to a...

RTC FC to face Thimphu City FC in BPL opening match

The leaders of the Bhutan Premier League qualifiers, Royal...

Each player wins a match at Chess Olympiad 

Team Bhutan concluded their last game at the 44th...


Bhutan imports tobacco worth Nu 565.63M in first half of 2022

The country imported tobacco and tobacco products worth Nu 565.63 million (M), including 96.85M sticks of cigarettes worth Nu 509.9M, in the first six months of this year, according to statistics published by the Department of Revenue and Customs.

659kg of cordyceps auctioned this year

It has been the best auction so far for...

Share prices settle after peaking in April

After share prices peaked in the secondary market in...

Too much money, too less credit

Financial institutions in the country have recorded significant growth...

Life Style

Making Machines Understand Languages Is the Next Great Frontier in AI

Rob Toews’ article titled “Language is the next great frontier in AI” published on in February this year caught my attention because of my interest in this subject. My Ph.D research was on Natural Language Processing and Text Mining.

Drugpa Tshezhi and the Buddha’s First Sermon

Drugpa Tshezhi (དྲུག་པ་ཚེས་བཞི་) or the 4th day of the...

Ask Mr Bhutan

Hi Mr Bhutan, I would like to know your thoughts...



US interest rate hikes unlikely to trigger another financial crisis in Southeast Asia

In the face of the soaring inflation, the US Federal Reserve has no choice but to raise its benchmark interest rate to control commodity prices. The consumer price index in the United States rose 1.3 percent in June, or aggregately 9.1 percent over the last 12 months to hit a 40-year high.

Bangladesh first in South Asia in secondary education

Bangladesh has the lowest proportion of youths aged between...

Ex-PM Abe shot dead

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the victim of...

Siriraj doctor warns of Covid crisis, says government underreporting new cases

A respiratory disease expert at Siriraj Hospital said on...

Focus Point


Right to information is for confidence in public institutions

The news of curtailment of information from public institutions...

His Majesty Talks to Bhutan’s Youth

When His Majesty The King spoke to 700 graduates...

Crossing Red Lines to Nuclear War

Now that the pomp and glory of US Speaker...

Empowering young people

Change. Progress. Future. These are some words we associate...

Knowing when to engage a Jabmi (legal counsel)

Right to Jabmi of one’s choice is a fundamental...



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