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Friday June 14 2024

Nu 97.65 billion for 13th Plan’s first year

The fiscal year 2024-25, the first year of the 13th Plan, was allocated a 19 percent share of the Plan’s budget with  the government allocating Nu 97.65 billion.

This is an increase of 14.21 percent or Nu 12.15 billion compared to the previous fiscal year 2023-24.

A massive 13th Plan to transform Bhutan

With a budget outlay of Nu 512.28 billion, the 13th Five-Year-Plan...

13th Plan strategise initiatives to enhance health and well-being

The government is investing  Nu 7 billion in the health sector,...

Aircraft emergency preparedness put to test

Paro—A Himalayan Airbus Havoc A320 carrying 160 passengers and four crew...


Sustainable path to economic and environmental growth?

Ecotourism, a paradigm of sustainable travel, is a compelling alternative to traditional tourism. What is it, really, though?

Ecotourism is defined by its core principles of environmental conservation, cultural respect, and socioeconomic benefits to local communities.

How can we help children play?

The observance of the International Day of Play in...

Looking for the right stroke

Not long ago, HIV/AIDs was labelled  the “killer disease"...


Making use of Aquatic Centre

The newly built Thimphu Aquatic Centre is silent.

A group of teenage boys are swimming rigorously. Kunzang Sangay Tenzing and Tenzin Dendup Dorji, along with three friends, came to swim for an hour and a half yesterday. 

Kunzang and Tenzin, both high school graduates, are  teaching swimming to their friends. They are here for  a quality time together.

A journey to the Everest Base Camp

On May 2, we took off at 6am from...

Monpa healer seeks replacement

When you enter Langthel Gewog in Trongsa, any random...

Monpas grapple with modernisation while safeguarding cultural legacy

The Monpa community in Trongsa, once stewards of age-old...


Former Daga United’s President disagrees with coach’s statements

Former Daga United FC president, Pelchen Thai, who resigned from his position on June 10, refuted claims made by coach Azmul Hossain.   

Transport United lead Women’s National League Qualifiers

After 19 days of Bhutan Women’s National League Qualifiers...

A chance missed for Bhutanese racers

Anton Schäfer from Germany came first by completing the...

Boxing team returns without Olympic quota

Boxers Tashi Yoezer, Tashi Wangdi and coach Tashi Phuntsho...


Bhutan’s economy to rebound to 4.9 percent in FY 2023-24: WB

The World Bank (WB) predicts that Bhutan’s economy will rebound to 4.9 percent growth in the fiscal year 2023-24. 

Finance ministry projects 5.68 percent growth this year

Thukten Zangpo The finance ministry projected Bhutan’s economy to...

Non-hydro debt set to reach threshold with Nu 35 billion borrowing in FY 2024-25

The government can borrow an extra Nu 35.88 billion...

Vehicle import ban saves Nu 5.3 Billion

The ban on importing vehicles could have helped Bhutan...

Life Style

Ask Mr Bhutan

There are no simple answers to a moral, ethical, environmental and spiritual question such as yours. The planet we live in is very very complex, grossly simplified by the ordinary man and women.

Ask Mr Bhutan

Most of us harbor the illusion that an hour...

Ask Mr Bhutan

Natural selection is the process by which our genes...



Bangladesh sees record potato production, yet prices going up

DHAKA – Potato prices are soaring even though farmers this year grew a record 1.04 crore tonnes, cutting the buying power of consumers, especially fixed and low-income people already battered by sustained high inflation.


Urgent call to action: Redefining Bhutan’s future with mud as a building material

As Bhutan teeters on the precipice of a monumental...

Equal compensation for equal value of work

This week Kuensel reported that “as the Royal Civil...

Reinvigorating the Economic Stimulus Plan

Economic Stimulus Plan (ESP) constituted a central element of...

Bringing back abundant springs: Boosting springshed management in Bhutan

As you ease yourself into the steaming hot, slightly...