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Friday December 1 2023

Hundreds of postal ballots rejected

Returning officers across the country have rejected a significant number of postal ballots in the ongoing primary round of the fourth National Assembly elections for the year 2023-24. 

PDP slapped Nu 75,000 for violating election rules

After almost a day-long hearing and discussions yesterday, the Election Commission...

More than 2,000 PWDS cast their vote

During the three-day special voting operation for the fourth National Assembly...

Scarves, not tego or kira, clarifies PDP

Clarifying what is going around on social media, the People’s Democratic...


Should we do away with postal ballots?

Even as election officials start opening postal ballots (Envelope A), they are seeing a huge number of rejected or disqualified postal ballots. We have not even opened all the ballots, yet the number of invalid votes is astonishing.

The evolving role of counselling

In a school principal's office in Thimphu not long...

As we head to the polls

By evening today, thousands of Bhutanese would have reached...


A warm homestay experience in Laya

Embarking on a journey to Laya, I heeded valuable advice from seasoned travellers: First, the frigid water could literally freeze your face, so washing up was discouraged, with makeup remover recommended. Second, extra socks were a necessity due to the potential dirtiness of Layap’s houses. Lastly, cup noodles were advised to counter less-than-tasty local food.

Picture of change: The supreme mart of Laya

In the picturesque village of Laya, in Gasa, where...

We’d never see the stars without the dark

It is International Children’s Day. UNICEF is hosting a...

Love of labour

Gangzur village in Lhuentse is renowned for its pottery...


Paro FC win 2023 Bhutan Premier League

Paro FC (Tigers) clinched the 2023 BoB Bhutan Premier League (BPL) title with three games in hand, securing their third consecutive victory and fourth championship since the club’s inception in 2018.

Gelephu futsal boom turns to bust

Once thriving with the enthusiasm of futsal enthusiasts, Gelephu’s...

No comprehensive sports growth plans from political parties

The five political parties have pledged to develop sports...

Wrapping up a career in style

For Bhutanese bodybuilder Tandin Wangchen, the preparation for the...


Wood and wood-based products export to bring Nu 10B 

Bhutan, a forest-abundant country, aims to earn a revenue of Nu 10 billion from the export of wood and wood products in the next five years. 

Young poultry farmers abandon their business

A decade ago, the prospect of poultry farming drew...

Egg demand soars in meat-less month

Demand for eggs has spiked in the capital as...

Govt. proposes 55-74 percent pay hike for civil servants 

If the parliament passes the Pay Revision Bill of...

Life Style

Ask Mr Bhutan

Evolutionarily speaking: Anything sweet, initially fruit was a signal that it is spring or summer, a time of abundance. This taste was so scarce that we built a heightened sense, memory and desire for it. An addiction for the sake of our survival. The world has changed dramatically but our bodies mostly remain the same. 

Ask Mr Bhutan

I define health as an individual state of balance....

Ask Mr Bhutan

My right knee hurts. I have seen a doctor...



Bangladesh sees record potato production, yet prices going up

DHAKA – Potato prices are soaring even though farmers this year grew a record 1.04 crore tonnes, cutting the buying power of consumers, especially fixed and low-income people already battered by sustained high inflation.

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Focus Point


Upholding His Majesty’s Democratic Vision

Every Bhutanese must heed His Majesty's call to “differentiate...

Media attrition in Bhutan: How much, who, why, and to what effect?

With the National Assembly elections coming up on November...

Navigating Bhutan’s democratic landscape: The need for ideology in political discourse

As Bhutan gears up for another electoral cycle, citizens...

Gross National Happiness

As a consequence of the Gross National Happiness concept,...

Predatory lending practices must be curbed

As Bhutan graduates from the least developing to developed...