What did Covid 19 pandemic teach you? 

Please allow me to to share what it hopefully taught all of us.

Universal consciousness: Covid 19 showed us our interdependence and interconnectedness in its most physical manifestation. An individual’s repeated action has a profound impact on the whole. We are as similar inside as we may appear different outside. We must all conduct ourselves in a manner that respects everyone’s wellbeing.

Needs vs Wants: This pandemic temporarily erased many things from our lives that was not a “NEED” it trimmed us of our fat. It brought us to our naked state deprived of social status, profession, language, beliefs, religion, geography, use of wealth and influence and our many prejudices. For a brief moment it eliminated a lot of noise. It reintroduced each one of us to ourselves. It forced humanity to look inward, ponder and feel.

Greed has a price: Our incessant want for things and experiences has forced the hands of society to continually produce even at the cost of nature and our very selves. When push comes to shove, nature has always prevailed. Many species as magnificent as the dinosaurs have walked this planet and yet this planet stands while many mighty species have exited the gene pool. We need to curb our appetite for more or face the threat of self extinction.

Soul in the game: Our collective future lies in the hands of our individual ability to look beyond our self centered desires. We must approach everything we do holistically, we must align our needs and wants to compliment the needs of the whole planet and it’s future. We need to work towards offering a better world to our children and grandchildren. We need to nurture not exploit mother earth. We need to mother her as she has mothered all life from primordial time.