Why am I so inflexible and more importantly what can I do about it?

A fast mind: The most effective way to bleed quality of experience out of any joyful activity is to choke it with haste and a deadline. The birth and concept of time, the sundial and the invention of modern clocks to measure time and draw schedules has cornered us into a very tiny and tight cell. Within which we chase time, we try to fill it with endless acquisitions. This pressure placed upon ourselves is the root cause of most chronic stress. This stress triggers a monkey mind and chronically contracted muscles, which leads to inflexibility, poor posture, pain and imminent injury.

Solution: Still the mind. More is not better. Learn the ability to do one task at a time. When ever possible refrain from placing a time limitation, flow with the moment, learn to grow and swell with it.

A still body: Our bodies are in a deep, passionate and long term relationship with all forms of chairs. Since the industrial revolution machines have been doing more and more of our share of the physical work. While we proportionately sat more and more. Our bodies are designed for consistent movement when not asleep. Shortage of movement means shortage of optimal health. I speculate, we could be the only species with humongous heads and shriveled bodies in the future if we continue on the path we are on.

Solution: Stand and move more. Try and do everything to reduce sitting.

Limited range of motion: Each joint in our body has a healthy range of motion. If you do not take it through their full range of motion regularly, you gradually lose the ability to take it there. Creating poor movement and poorer posture. Which chronically stresses the muscle, connective tissue and joints.

Solution: Begin by investing 5-10 minute daily to stretching and moving gradually every major muscle and joint through its full range of motion.