Younten Tshedup

A total of 17 Bhutanese have been infected with the novel coronavirus so far including the three who were detected in the country.

While the three positive cases in the country have been removed to the de-isolation facility after they tested negative to the virus upon two consecutive tests within 24 hours, two Bhutanese in New York have also recovered.


Foreign Minister Dr Tandi Dorji during a press briefing yesterday said that the remaining eight Bhutanese in New York were in stable condition. While two are under self-isolation, six are placed in an apartment provided through His Majesty’s kidu.

According to the task force looking after the Bhutanese community in New York, of the 10 who have tested positive, three have recovered.

A Bhutanese student who tested positive in the Czech Republic is recovering, according to the Lyonpo. He said that in the United Kingdom, a Bhutanese lady who had contracted Covid-19 is under self-isolation at her home.

Similarly, after being infected in Doha, Qatar, a Bhutanese student was recovering, said the minister. “Recently, a Bhutanese woman in Mumbai also tested positive. She has been moved to a hospital and is in stable condition. All of them are stable and recovering. The government is constantly monitoring their situations.”

At home, Health Minister Dechen Wangmo said that there where no new cases. However, she said that people should not let their guards down and should continue to remain on high alert.

Citing an example at the national referral hospital, Lyonpo said that of late people visiting the hospital had drastically increased.

“When we had our first positive case, there were hardly any person visiting the hospital,” she said.

She said that the government was urging the public to avoid gatherings and to refrain from travelling unless absolutely necessary. However, people still continue to take the health advisory lightly.

Lyonpo Dr Tandi Dorji said that the recent curfew enforced by the government was an attempt to reinforce the preventive efforts the government has been stressing to prevent community transmission.

He said that the measure was put in place primarily based on the evolving dynamics of the virus.

“This measure may need to be continued until there is an approved vaccine and treatment or till the virus is effectively contained, globally,” he said.