With a large number of voters turning up at the Samdrupjongkhar MSS postal ballot facilitation booth, the voting time extended until 10pm yesterday. 

The officials had distributed token to those voters who came before 7pm.

A total of 766 voters, which include 356 male and 410 female cast their ballots at the Samdrupjongkhar MSS postal ballot facilitation booth yesterday. There are four facilitation booths in the dzongkhag. The four polling booths together saw 1,527 voters, 598 male and 929 female.

The booth at Samdrupjongkhar MSS has a total of 1,962 registered voters, 907 male and 1,055 female, while the facilitation booth at Jigme Namgyel Engineering College (JNEC) in Dewathang saw 471 voters, 128 male and 343 female. This polling station has 670 male and 815 voters registered voters.

Of the 369 voters registered at Jomotshangkha MSS facilitation booth, 146 voted yesterday, which included 28 males and 118 females while the Phuntshothang MSS polling booth saw 144 voters of the 575 registered voters. Of the 144, 86 were male and 58 females voters.

Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) will also operate mobile facilitation booths for the prisoners of Samdrupjongkhar prison.

Meanwhile, there are three facilitation booths in Pemagatshel – Pemagatshel MSS, Nganglam CS and Dungsam Cement Corporation (DCC) hall. 

The facilitation booth at Nganglam CS saw 287 voters, 100 male and 187 female of the 930 registered voters, while 88 males and 78 females cast their ballots at DCC polling station. There are 601 registered voters with 313 male and 288 female for this polling station.

The polling station at Pemagatshel MSS saw 300 voters, 127 male and 173 female. There are 961 registered voters with 435 male and 526 female for this polling station. There are more female voters registered in both the dzongkhags.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar