Crime: Sarpang police last week caught a 17-year old boy in connection with a series of burglaries in Saprang and Thimphu.

The police managed to track him down after he broke into seven houses in Sarpang Tar and one in Hilay.

According to police, the boy was looking for cash and mobile phones.

He is a class VIII drop out and worked as a bouncer in one of the dance clubs in Thimphu.  He is from Sarpang town and was living with his disabled father.

The first complaint was made on March 13, when he had broken into a student’s house and stole her Samsung Galaxy tab.

The next incident took place a week later, where he had used an iron rod to break the latch of a house.

A police officer said they had to look into it when a total of eight houses reported burglaries in a month.

“We managed to get hold of him on March 25 and he’s still in custody,” police said.

Police added that after he was caught, they were also informed of his involvement in a series of burglaries in Thimphu.

According to the boy’s statement to police, he was involved in five burglaries in Thimphu, where cash, a laptop and clothes, among others, were stolen.

Police said it was important for everyone to lock their doors properly whenever they go out, and to report to police if their house has been burgled. “People usually don’t report to police, if small things are lost from their house.”

By Yeshey Dema, Sarpang