Update: On the command of His Majesty the King, 23 Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) personnel from Tencholing military training centre in Wangduephodrang reached Gasa on June 30 to rebuild the Tongchudrak bazaam that connects Laya with Gasa.

Following the outburst of Lemthang tsho (Lake) in Laya on June 28, the wooden bridge at Tongchudrak, which is about 10 hours walk from Gasa was of the six bridges that was washed away.

Gasa dzongdag, Dorji Dhradhul said after reaching Gasa, seven of the 28-army personnel have left for Tongchudrak the same day, while the rest left yesterday.

On June 29, the dzongdag said they sent five people comprising of two police personnel, three desuups and a RBA personnel from Gasa to Tongchudrak to check the situation. The team returned on June 30.

The roadblocks that occurred on several parts of the road towards Gasa were cleared by evening yesterday. The other bridges that were also washed away would be resorted once the monsoon recedes.