LG: Of the 232 candidates campaigning for the September 27 poll day in Dagana, 28 are women. Three women are contesting for gup.

There are 40 men and three women gup aspirants in the 14 gewogs of the dzongkhag.

Lhamoizingkha has five gup candidates, the highest in the dzongkhag, whereas Khebisa, Tsangkha, Dorona and Gozhi have four each.  Gewogs like Drujyegang, Karmaling, Nichula and Tseza have three candidates each.  There are two candidates each from Largyab, Gesarling, Tashiding, Tsendagang and Kana gewogs.

Three women candidates from Khebisa, Gesarling and Tashiding are contesting for the post of gup. The lone gup in the previous local government, Namgay Pelden, is one of the candidates.

There are 43 men and a woman contesting for the post of mangmi.

Khebisa gewog has five mangmi candidates, the maximum in the dzongkhag.  There are four candidates each from Drujyegang, Tsangkha and Tseza and three each from the gewogs of Largyab, Dorona, Tashiding, Tsendagang, Karmaling, Nichula, Gozhi and Kana. Lhamoizingkhag has two candidates.

The dzongkhag’s lone woman mangmi candidate is from Khebisa and she will compete against four male contestants.

There are 145 candidates the post of tshogpa for 72 chiwogs and 24 are women. The five chiwogs of Drujyegang gewog has 17 tshogpa candidates, followed by 16 in five chiwogs of Tsendagang gewog. Gozhi has 14 candidates, Tseza has 13 and kana and Khebisa have 12 each.

There are 11 tshogpa candidates in Tsangkha, nine each are contesting from Gesarling and Nichula gewog, eight each in Dorona and Tashiging.

Lhamoizingkhag has six tshogpa candidates and Largyab and Karmaling have five candidates each.

Meanwhile, two candidates are also contesting for the post of Daga thromde thuemi ngotsap.

Dagana has a total of 22, 835 registered voters, of which 11,397 are female.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang