About 2,000 graduates of 2017 from ten colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) attended the 13th convocation ceremony yesterday in Thimphu. 

A total of 2,854 graduates graduated from the ten colleges in the country last year. 

Of the total graduates, 202 graduated engineering; 886 in Arts, 282 in Science, 155 in Business administration, and 348 in commerce and 61 in Information Technology. There were 408 Undergraduate Diploma holders, 354 Postgraduate Diploma holders, 92 with Master Programme and 66 Bachelor of Education graduates. 

Vice chancellor of RUB, Nidup Dorji said that although more had registered, only about 2,000 attended the ceremony. 

He said that the number of graduates have stabilised to about 3,000 a year. 

In his welcome address the vice chancellor highlighted some of the activities of RUB. 

He said that RUB has started reviewing the improvement of organisational development (OD) exercise. Among these, he said, RUB is focusing on selection and retaining of teachers with strategies such as pay increment and capacity building programmes. 

Nidup Dorji said that the newly established colleges are doing well with master plans for colleges in Yonphula and Gyalpoizhing being completed. The 12th Plan also includes construction of hotels and staff quarters and setting up of other necessary infrastructure for the colleges.  

He said that RUB’s Strategic Plan 2018-30 is being implemented.  

RUB will continue to focus on review and development of curriculum, providing quality skills development trainings, encourage and improve research on solutions to the country’s difficulties through innovation, introduce new masters and PhD courses, and provide wholesome education to students. 

Karma Cheki