Trashiyangtse: Of the eight former gups who contested in the second local government elections in Trashiyangtse, only three got re-elected. They are Toedtsho’s Dechen Wangdi, Yalang’s Chosung Wangdi and Tongzhang’s Tashi Dorji.

Dechen Wangdi from Jangphutse secured 602 votes against Sherub from Nangkhar-Seb who could manage only 577. Securing 385 votes, Yalang’s Chosung Wangdi from Chema-Melongkhar defeated Sonam from Doogti-Gashing and Tshewang Duba from Yallang-Phuyang. The fourth contestant, Kunzang Tobgay, from Thragom-Rolam could manage only 132 votes.

Tashi Dorji from Maenchhu-Tsangdhoong got re-elected with 676 votes. His opponent Sonam Dorji from Bainangkhar-Gomkora also got 627.

From Domshang-Dungmin chiwog, Tenzin Wangda defeated Ramjar’s former Gup Karma from Bainag-Reb with 411 votes. Khamdang’s Norbu from Khamdhang secured 801 votes and defeated former gup Ugyen Wangdi.

Jamkhar’s lone gup candidate Karma Tshering from Rijung-Yoob got elected after he received 610 Yes and 122 No votes.

From Gangkhardoong-Tshaling chiwog, Mani Wangda became the new gup for Bumdeling gewog after securing 387 votes.

Gonpo is Yangtse gewog’s new gup.

Sangay Tempa from Shali-Khamgdang was elected Khamdang’s mangmi. In Ramjar, Tshering Phuntsho from Klaparhank-Tsangro secured the post of mangmi with 265 votes.

Jampel Choda is Toedtsho’s mangmi, who got 514 votes. In Yalang gewog, Tshering Tobgay from Namthi-Yarphy received 385 votes while Jigme Gyeltshen from Thragom-Rolam could get 282 and Sangay from Yallang received 278.

From Changmadoong-Soggangnang, Karma Wangchuk got elected as Tongmajang’s mangmi with 749 votes.

Jamkhar’s Tshering Youden from Rijoong-Yoob is the only woman mangmi.

Sonam Rinchen from Gangkhar secured 485 votesbecoming the new mangmi for Yangtse gewog. Tshewang Sonam from Baaney-Bimkhar and Wangchuk from Lichen could manage only 244 and 212 respectively.

In Bomdir-Wogmanag, Tshering Wangchuk is Bumdeling gewog’s new mangmi. He managed to secure 402 votes. Jamyang Kelzang from Ngalimang-Phanteng received 261, Tshering Gyeltshen from Pangkhar-Traphel 354, and Tshewang Rigzin from Betsamang 158.

Securing 114 votes, Ugyen Lhamo became Trashiyangtse’s thromde ngotshab.

Nima Wangdi