LG: Tsirang has completed its chiwog zomdus in all its 60 chiwogs.

The last zomdu in Pemashong-Samshing Gaden chiwog in Mendrelgang gewog  scheduled for August 16 had to be deferred to August 27 because of the cancellation of the yenlag thromde election. Some of the chiwog’s voters were registered under the yenlag throm initially, which had to be merged with the chiwog.

On September 27, voters of Tsirang will elect 12 gups from the 38 who made it past the chiwog zomdus. A total of 58 gup aspirants participated in the zomdus. While three of the 58 aspirants were female only one got selected in the zomdu. The lone female gup candidate is contesting from Dzamling Zor chiwog, Mendrelgang gewog.

At least 49 aspirants participated in the zomdu nominations for the post of mangmi.  Eight of them were women. Of the total participants, 27 men and six women were selected.

Barshong and Patshaling gewog had the highest number of gup aspirants at seven each. Four each were selected. Mendrelgang and Tsirang Toed had six candidates each. Three candidates each made it through the zomdu nomination.

With five gup aspirants each, Tsholingkhar and Gosarling followed. While Gosarling nominated four candidates, Tsholingkhar nominated two. Three of its chiwogs did not have any aspirants.

Rangthaling, Kilkhorthang, Semjong, Sergithang and Pungtenchhu gewogs saw four aspirants each for gup. Of that Rangthaling and Kilkhorthang nominated three each, Semjong nominated all four, and Sergithang and Pungtenchhu nominated three each.

Doonglagang gewog had the least number of aspirants at two. Both of them were nominated at the zomdu.

For the post of mangmi, Kilkhorthang gewog had highest participating number of aspirants with seven, followed by Tsirang Toed and Patshaling at six each.

Tsholingkhar and Gosarling gewog had five mangmi candidates each, while Barshong and Pungtenchhu gewogs had four candidates each, and Sergithang and Semjong had three mangmi candidates each. Mendrelgang, Rangthaling and Doonglagang had two mangmi aspirants each.

With completion of nomination for tshogpa 93 candidates have filed their nominations for poll day, 11 of the candidates are female.

Tsirang has more than 21,700 registered voters. However, to elect candidates at the zomdu only 5,353 voters turned out of which 2,220 were women.

Meanwhile, one male and one female candidate have filed their nominations with the returning officer to contest for the post of Thromde Ngotshab in Tsirang.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang