Lhakpa Quendren | Gelephu

At least 39 of the total 82 promoters, who have leased land for their industrial ventures at Jigmeling industrial park, Sarpang have been terminated.

They failed to submit the required documents such as designs and drawings for construction in the given period, according to an estate official.

Estate manager Sonam Wangmo said that the lessees have to submit the documents within six months of obtaining the lease.

“It could be because some promoters obtain leases without a proper plan and sources of finance,   while some were not interested and some could not process loans,” she said. “This issue is hampering the development progress.”

“There were some promoters who got repeated termination because they apply for the vacant plot even after their termination and again fail to submit the document,” she said, adding that the industry department already announced the vacant industrial plot.

Today, of the 43 various industries, bricks and paper recycling manufacturing factories are operational, while a cheese factory and Himalayan Grinding Grains are nearing completion.

Sonam Wangmo said that these two factories have completed the structures and installed all the equipment and now waiting for the lighting.

A total of 16 industries are at different stages of construction. “Some companies are highly progressing while some have just started ground levelling,” Sonam Wangmo said.

The sizes of plots are allotted as per the promoters’ requirements after the assessment and have a lease agreement for 20 years.

The industrial ventures include four plotting—agro and food-based, mineral and chemical-based, forest and wood-based, and other-based industries such as construction materials, household goods, logistics, packaging materials, spices, cheese, and textiles and garments.

Transportation of heavy construction equipment through a small border gate and long formalities makes it more difficult for industrial development. The estate also faces inadequate power supply since the area falls under rural.

Covering over 733 acres, Jigmeling Industrial Park is the largest industrial park among four industrial estates in the country. This heavy industry is being developed for business.

The industrial estate was started in 2009 following feasibility studies and development activity in 2006. However, its detailed project report was completed in 2015 and the development work started in 2016.