With 390 voters turning up, more than 80 percent of 455 registered postal ballot voters cast their ballot in Gasa from September 7 to 9 in the two facilitation booths in Gasa Primary School and Bjishong Central School.

Of the total, 86 percent were female and 85 percent male.

Seventy-six male and 53 female voters cast their ballot at mobile facilitation booth in Bjishong yesterday.

The postal ballot facilitation booth at Gasa Primary School was open for two days considering higher concentration of registered postal ballot voters from the dzongkhag, corporate offices, financial institutions, school, and project staffs.

According to the dzongkhag election office, there are 261 male and 194 female postal ballot voters for the national assembly election.

With 1,023 registered voters in Khatoed-Laya constituency and 1,041 voters in Khamaed-Lunana constituency, Gasa has 2,064 registered voters.

Nima | Gasa