Staff Reporter

With over 9,000 Bhutanese registering for the 39th accelerated DeSuung integrated training programme recently, the DeSuung office announced for two more integrated programmes in the coming months.

According to a press release from the DeSuung office yesterday, the 40th and 41st accelerated training programmes were arranged to provide an opportunity to all eligible applicants.

“While the selection list for the 39th batch has been finalised, the remaining applications would be used to select eligible participants for the 40th and 41st batches,” stated the press release. This would be done on a ‘first-come-first-served basis’, using the time-stamp of the registrations.

For those applicants who have not submitted correct documents would be provided with an opportunity to do so. The time-stamp for these applicants would be recorded when the proper documents are submitted.

Those applicants who are not contacted, their applications should be considered complete and would be reviewed for one of the upcoming programmes.

The office has also reduced the application requirements to ensure maximum participation.

Medical certificates are not required anymore, and the training placements would be made at the discretion of the DeSuung office, based on the logistical efficiencies.

The office also announced that there would be no limit on the number of women participants for the training. “While students may be selected for the programme, adjustments may have to be made later, based on the government’s decision to reopen the schools.”

The press release stated, “As we continue to monitor the evolving situation of the Covid-19 pandemic closely, the DeSuung office may announce further accelerated training programmes, should the need arise.”

For the 40th DeSuung programme, the list would be announced following the deployment of the trainees of the 39th batch.

To be part of the programme, a candidate must be at least 20 years old and should have a grade X pass certificate. If an applicant had been under quarantine, there should be an adequate number of days from the end of quarantine as specified by the health ministry.

This is to ensure complete safety of other trainees, stated the press release.

An applicant would also have to produce their citizenship identity card, security clearance and no-objection certificate (NOC) for those employed.

Meanwhile, 5,606 male and 3,503 female rushed to register for the 2,016 slots for male and 504 slots for female in the 39th batch of the accelerated DeSuung integrated training programme on March 21.