Thinley Namgay 

In the last four weeks, 4,454 people received medical services in Thimphu to refill medicines, routine immunisation, influenza vaccination, wound dressings, and other emergency medical services.

The services were availed from Barshong, Chamgang, RBP jail, Hongtsho, Genekha, Gidakom, Kuzuchen, Lingzhi, Soe and medical desk. Gidakom provided the highest services to 1,069 people.

Covid-19 mass screening was also carried out from January 12 with technical support from the Royal Centre for Disease Control (RCDC).

A total of 4,295 RT-PCR, 423 antibody and 1,671 antigen samples were collected from five  gewogs of Dagala, Mewang, Genekha, Kawang, and Chang. With 1,686 RT-PCR and 165 antibody samples collected, Mewang stands the highest among other gewogs.

These samples were collected from the most mobile and active family members and tested at the RCDC.

Dzongkhag health officer, Kencho Wangdi, said all samples tested negative for Coivd-19.

Considering the low risk at Lingzhi, Soe and Naro, the dzongkhag plans to carry out Covid-19 mass screening only if there is a case of flu symptoms within the communities.