Fourty-eight Bhutanese who were in Siliguri, Kalimpong, Sikkim and two from Jaigaon entered into the country from Phuentsholing yesterday.

This includes people who were employed in these places, monks, and students.

None of them showed symptoms of Covid-19. They were all taken to the quarantine centres.

Twenty-eight Bhutanese came from Kalimpong, 14 from Siliguri, and six from Sikkim. Three who had registered to come from Siliguri and one from Kalimpong didn’t come.

Unlike in previous cases transportation arrangements were taken care of by the Indian counterparts with support from the Royal Bhutan Embassy in India.

The vehicles brought the Bhutanese until Jaigaon.

A health official at the point of entry Bhutanese kept on entering from Phuentsholing on a daily basis.

“The only time people didn’t come were on April 13 and April 14,” he said.

With yesterday’s 50, Phuentsholing’s response team now has quarantined a total of 1,206 Bhutanese in more than 30 hotels. More than 1,000 have completed their 21 quarantine days.

As of yesterday, only six hotels were used as quarantine centres.