Football: Bhutan Football Federation (BFF), the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Asian Development Project (ADP) and One World Play Project (OWPP) together launched the ultra-durable soccer ball donation at the Changjiji football ground yesterday.

A total of 5,200 Chevrolet balls were donated to BFF, to help encourage young football enthusiasts, and to develop football in the country.

The ultra-durable ball represents a breakthrough in technology, and is designed to be used in all types of terrains and environments.  The ball does not need an air pump.  It doesn’t deflate even when punctured multiple times.

Manufactured in Taiwan, the ball comes in various sizes, but with distinct a texture.

The Asia director of OWPP, Rachel Haig, said that, although the technology involved in the production of the ball is unique, the real magic is not the ball. “It’s what happens when children are empowered to play. The ball is a tool that unlocks human potential.”

BFF will distribute ultra-durable soccer balls to all the 20 dzongkhags.

In May 2012, Chevrolet became the founding sponsor of OWPP, and promised to distribute at least 1.5M ultra-durable soccer balls over a period of three years.

By Younten Tshedup