In an increasingly volatile world, the United Nations plays a pivotal role in maintaining global peace and security. Among the nations contributing to this noble cause, Bhutan stands tall, embodying the spirit of compassion, dedication, and professionalism.

Under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the UN’s under secretary general for peace operations, Bhutan’s peacekeepers have been making significant contributions in various conflict-ridden regions, particularly in the Central African Republic (CAR). Their unwavering commitment to peace and their exemplary track record deserve our utmost admiration and recognition.

At the core of Bhutan’s philosophy lies the principle of Gross National Happiness, which places the well-being of its citizens and the world at large above all else. By extending their compassionate ethos beyond their borders, Bhutanese peacekeepers have become living embodiments of their nation’s values. Their selflessness, kindness, and respect for the dignity of others have won the hearts of those they serve.

Bhutanese peacekeepers have been serving in seven UN operations, with the largest deployment being in the CAR, a country plagued by years of conflict and instability. Bhutan’s peacekeepers have played an instrumental role in restoring peace and stability. Their unwavering dedication, effective conflict resolution skills, and ability to build bridges of trust have fostered an environment conducive to sustainable peace.

In a Royal address to the UN contingent, His Majesty The King emphasised the nobility of serving the world as a Blue Beret and the honour of representing Bhutan as a soldier answering the call of duty.

The professionalism displayed by Bhutan’s peacekeepers has earned them widespread acclaim and appreciation. Their conduct and adherence to the highest standards of discipline and ethics have garnered positive feedback from both local communities and international counterparts. The Bhutanese peacekeeping contingent’s professionalism is a testament to the rigorous training and preparation they undergo, as well as their deep commitment to upholding the ideals of the United Nations.

As Bhutan prepares to deploy a police unit for UN peacekeeping, maintaining the pride and professionalism exhibited by their peacekeepers thus far becomes paramount. The presence of a specialised police unit will enhance the UN’s ability to address complex security challenges, protect civilians, and support the rule of law in conflict-affected areas. Bhutan’s commitment to expanding its peacekeeping contributions highlights the nation’s dedication to fostering global peace.

Bhutan’s peacekeepers have not only contributed to immediate peacekeeping efforts but have also left a lasting impact on the communities they serve. By actively engaging with local populations and promoting dialogue, reconciliation, and the rule of law, they have paved the way for sustainable peacebuilding. The resilience and adaptability they have shown in the face of adversity serve as valuable lessons for all peacekeeping missions.

Bhutan’s peacekeepers are not only representatives of our nation but also ambassadors of hope, bridging divides and fostering understanding in troubled regions. Their contributions remind us of the power of humanity and our shared responsibility to create a better world for all.