Won in all demkhongs with more than 50 percent votes in his favour

Nima | Gelephu

Thrompon-elect of Gelephu, Tshering Norbu, won more than 50 percent of total votes cast at Jampeling demkhong on Thursday to unseat former thrompon who was nominated from the demkhong with the majority votes during dhamngoi zomdu in March.

Tshering Norbu said that he was confident about support from Jampeling. “This was because I could included their hopes and expectation in my pledges. The support improved this time.”

The support for Tshering Norbu had doubled in almost all demkhongs since he first contested for the same post in 2016.

The highest support came from Sonam Gatshel (85 percent of the EVM voters supported him this time), followed by the overwhelming support from the voters in Samdrupling and Namkhaling demkhongs that have the highest voters in Gelephu.

Tshering Norbu said that the people from Namkhaling supported him because he stayed in touch with the people even after losing the past election. “Namkhaling was left behind over the years. They hope to see improvements in roads, drainage, streetlights, and sewerage system.”

He added that there were concerns regarding the green belt zone in the demkhong. “Things are underway, but there is a need for a coordinated effort from the thromde to report the situation again.”

Residents of Gelephu said that the thrompon-elect secured a landslide win, as he contested in election repeatedly.

Many voters said the thromde should work towards providing a reliable water supply and improve drainage system to reduce the damage from flashfloods in summer.

The voters were also excited about the urban agriculture concept and tourism promotion presented to them by the candidates during the campaign.

Former thrompon, Tikaram Kafley, who lost the election, said the result was unexpected.

“I am thankful to all the voters for the support. Maybe it was because of my fortune. I could not continue my term. Developing Gelephu and making it an example city will always be in my mind,” he said.

He added that for the betterment of Gelephu he would be contesting again in the future. “Anything in between would be decided by time. In all the decisions I make, I will always keep Gelephu and Sarpang in my heart.”

He said remaining activities of the fiscal plan, about 35 percent, were ready for implementation. “I hope the new thrompon would carry on as planned.”

Tshering Norbu said: “I have a big responsibility to live up to the trust and confidence people have given me. I will work towards achieving equitable development across the demkhongs and provide services without any influence.”

He added that there would be challenges to fulfil all the pledges. “But, I am hoping to achieve through timely consultation with the public, coordinate with the relevant stakeholders, and communicate with the government.”

Tshering Norbu won more than 70 percent of the EVM votes and close to 60 percent ballots, which is an increase by 40 percent compared to his past performance.

More than 65 percent of the total registered voters turned up for the thrompon election 2021 in Gelephu.