Khenpos and scholars from Buddhist colleges and lecturers of collages under Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) are attending a national seminar.

The College of Language and Culture Studies (CLSS) together with Tango Buddhist College is organising the seminar at RUB to promote the national language.

The participants presented their research work during the seminar.

The dean of research of CLCS, Ngawang Jamtsho, said that the main objective of the seminar is to create a platform for the Buddhist scholars to come together and share their knowledge.

“Right now many works of these scholars are not being known as there is no such platform for them to come together and discuss the works,” he said.

The dean said the seminar is also to conduct research on Rigzhung and enhance the culture. “It is also to produce quality publications in Dzongkha.”

A research officer of Tango Buddhist College, Khenpo Nima Shar, said most people face difficulty writing in Dzongkha and it’s important to create more platforms to use Dzongkha language.

He said the future generation would be using what is scribbled in the books.

Meanwhile, a memorandum was also signed between CLCS and Tango Buddhist College to make the seminar an annual event.

The research presenters would publish the researches presented and discussed in the seminar and the publications would be distributed to the colleges of RUB and Buddhist colleges and in the high schools.

Nim Dorji