RCSC: Should a civil servant be bubbling with ideas and is motivated to help improve things that lie outside their direct sphere of concern and influence, a platform is awaiting at the Royal Civil Service Commission.

Any officials in the Performance and Management category could take up the temporary post as the Innovation and Creativity Officer (ICO).

Every agency, ministries and department will be entitled an ICO, who are eligible to apply for the time or assignment bound role.

RCSC created the position following inspiration from His Majesty The King’s Royal address at the National Day celebration last year in Kanglung. His Majesty had highlighted the importance of innovation, creativity and enterprise to the nation’s future and to stimulate and reward such people. His Majesty had also announced the establishment of Innovation and Creativity Awards.

RCSC chairman Karma Tshiteem said the position is an effort to create avenues and incentives for out-of-the-box thinking, something that is critical to governance in the twenty first century.

The position could be managerial, technological or for improving existing policies, programmes and services in the civil service. The objective is to find ways to do more with less, to do better, faster, cheaper, in ways that help achieve an organization’s goals.

“People appointed to this position will be considered as Officer on Special Assignment,” he said.  “Length of the assignment will be three months that may be extended based on need.”

Appointment to the position doesn’t require fulfilling transfer formalities, meaning the officer can work from the current serving place.

A copy of the idea/innovation will be kept in the Ideas Bank maintained by RCSC. It will also be used as a basis for reward and recognition, especially in case of ideas that translate into successful outcomes.

The position, Karma Tshiteem said, entails having a curious mind, a continuous learning ability and deep motivation to improve things in general. Characteristics or aptitude such as an analytical mind, entrepreneurial outlook, enthusiastic, motivated, good research skills, problem solving abilities and extensive knowledge of the organization’s policies and programmes would be useful to this new position.

“Given the large digital-by-default potential that lies untapped, a key part of the ICO’s role is to understand new technologies and ICT and see how best it might help the RGoB do things better, faster and cheaper,” he said.

Some possible areas for improvement he said are enhancing implementation, improving service turn around time, enhancing managerial productivity, improving ‘black swan’ resilience, cost cutting measures and bringing in corruption reducing changes.

Three particular areas of expectation from ICO are, finding a ‘Bright Spots’ and using it to find more organic yet effective ways to deal with challenges, optimizing human resources and making impactful use of ICT.

Creation of the position doesn’t entail additional direct cost to the RGoB. However, to foster cross-fertilization of ideas, RCSC will possibly use youth centers as a physical space where ICOs can gather, discuss and work together.

By Nirmala Pokhrel