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Close to 6,500 people have returned home from 35 countries.

Majority of the returnees, 4,228, came via flight and the rest by land transport through border areas in southern Bhutan.

The highest among the returnees are students—3,430, followed by those working abroad—1,102.


And 128 returnees are foreign nationals working in international organizations in Bhutan, as per the records with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

India saw the largest outflow of Bhutanese—2,568. Two Bhutanese returned from the Philippines.

More than 890 Bhutanese returned from the Middle East.

According to health officials, in more than two months, 26 patients and ten expecting mothers returned home. They are quarantined in Terma Linca.

The country as of yesterday had quarantined 6,805 people, including border trespassers, frontline workers and local primary contacts. Thirty-seven airline crews and 85 health personnel were also quarantined.

Eighteen border trespassers have been quarantined.

The government has spent more than Nu 1 billion (B) for quarantine facilities alone if the charge for centres are kept at Nu 1000 per individual for 21 days.

While 5,035 completed their quarantined period, 1,770 are still in quarantine centres around the country.

According to a health official, records of individuals returning home, and those requiring medical assistance are maintained to provide timely help through mobile clinics.

As of yesterday, the health ministry conducted 10,034 rapid tests and 2,898 Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

Paro international airport being the point of entry for the import Covid-19 cases, the health officials conducted 365 rapid test on frontline workers at the airport and health officials involved in the Covid-19 related case in Paro.

The frontline workers include airline crews, officials from BAFRA, customs, army, airport security personnel and journalists.

Swab samples from 68 individuals including health officials, immigration officials, loaders and airport cleaners were sent to the Royal Centre for Disease Control in Thimphu yesterday.

The RT-PCR result will be declared today.