Workshop: Anti-Corruption Commission is an organization that promotes integrity to reduce corruption and not a terror organization, chairperson Kinley Yangzom said.

The commission is working towards rebranding itself to paint the true picture and remove the false perception of its being a terror organisation among people or potential employees.

Senior employees of ACC spent the whole day yesterday, the second day of a three-day workshop on the rebranding exercise.

“We want to make ACC an employer of choice, unlike now, so that people would want to come and work here,” Kinley Yangzom said.

ACC has existed for the past nine years but problems of backlog cases remain because of human resource shortage.

“We also want to take care of our employees,” she said, which is why the commission will implement its HR master plan soon. “That’s why the previous commission also worked on it and we just can’t just recruit anybody given the nature of the job.”

One of the main outputs of the master plan is a competency framework that would guide the commission in recruitment, training and promotion of its staff.

“We’re also considering how best to motivate the staff; money alone is not enough because the job is demanding,” she said. “They have to have opportunities to learn and progress in their career as well.”

Currently, she said the staff are overworked and the system is not sustainable. The commission is exploring other funding avenues to ensure its sustainability.

One of the resource persons, (Dr) Adrian Chan said the consultants putting together the master plan tabled five recommendations to better the commission.

“With new challenges of cyber crime and white-collar corruption, ACC needs to grow much quicker to address these challenges,” he said.

He said the way to fight corruption in future is through a lot of partnership and alliances, which requires the commission to work with other international organisations.

Good leadership and HR management practices, as proposed in the master plan, must prevail to make ACC the employer of choice.

“Because fighting corruption cannot be just ACC’s responsibility, we have recommended secondments, and internships with other ministries,” (Dr) Adrian Chan, who is also a faculty of RIGSS and a HR resource person at the His Majesty’s Secretariat, said.

The workshop ends today.

Tshering Palden