Tshering Palden

A former civil servant allegedly involved in a corruption case verbally abused two Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officials outside the courtroom in Gelephu last week.

The two officials were at the court after the court summoned them regarding the investigation into the case of alleged bribery, fraudulent practices and tax evasion in the construction of the Gelephu domestic airport.

The defendant threatened the officials and said that he would “fix them”. The officials informed the court and he was warned. He later apologised to the officials.

In an earlier incident, his relative had come to the ACC office and threatened to stab officials. He was found under the influence of alcohol.

ACC Commissioner, Jamtsho, said  the commission is concerned about the safety and security of its employees. “If the accused can threaten and assault officials even within the premises of courts and ACC office, serious life threatening mishap elsewhere is highly likely.”

He said that such abuses are increasing by the day.

In July last year, an ACC lady officer was verbally abused and spat on at the police headquarters compound when dropping off a detainee.

The detainee’s relative from Wangduephodrang accused the lady official of being “useless and worthless,” and pointing fingers, had threatened that she would put them under police detention.

Thimphu police registered the case at the district court on August 7 last year after the ACC filed a complaint against the relative for attempting to assault and threatening two investigating officials.

Thimphu district court on February 4 this year sentenced the 42-year-old relative to two months for harassing and threatening ACC investigating official.

Commissioner Jamtsho said that the ACC would soon come out with a comprehensive physical security protocol.

“In the mean time, we have no choice but to work closely with the Royal Bhutan Police in terms of the provisions laid down in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two parties.”