Of the two civil servants who were alleged to have been involved in an illegal land transaction in Trongsa, surveyor Narayan Dangal of Zhemgang dzongkhag has been suspended.

Following a letter from the Anti-Corruption Commission, Narayan Dangal was suspended on April 17. According to the suspension order from the dzongkhag administration, he will be entitled to only 50 percent of his basic monthly salary until the court proceeding is completed

“However, he will be reinstated with remaining 50 percent of his basic salary if he is acquitted of all the allegations,” says the suspension order.

The ACC letter to the Zhemgang dzongkhag, which was sent on April 14, states that Narayan Dangal has been charged with criminal offences before the Trongsa dzongkhag court in connection with fraud and conspiracy in connection with land acquisition and substitution during the establishment of College of Language and Culture Studies (CLCS) at Taktse.

It also states that considering the factors provided under concluding paragraphs six and seven of the Supreme Court directives, the Royal Civil Service Commission is required to consider suspension of his service. “If the decision is not to suspend Narayan Dangal, the office must ensure that he does not use public resources, including office time to appear before the court.”

Narayan Dangal was charged with official misconduct and aiding and abetting in a criminal act.

The other civil servant, the former Trongsa Dzongdag Lhab Dorji, faced four forgery cases and three on official misconduct and another charge for execution of documents through deception.

Royal Civil Service Commission’s (RCSC) Chairperson, Dasho Karma Tshiteem, said that ACC writes to RCSC if any executive is alleged in any crime and to respective agencies for other civil servants.

“Based on the Gyalpoizhing case, it is up to the agency whether to suspend the person or not,” he said.  Lhab Dorji is not suspended since RCSC thought it was unnecessary.

Dasho Karma Tshiteem said that it was unnecessary to suspend Lhab Dorji since he is taking leave and using his own resources while going to Trongsa to fight the case.

“Lhab Dorji, continuing his work has no conflict of interest concerning the case,” said Dasho Karma Tshiteem.

Dasho Karma Tshiteem said that it was also important for the people to understand suspension is not a punishment since all people are innocent until they are proven guilty.

Nima Wangdi | Trongsa