Despite carrying out several developmental activities in Samdrupjongkhar, the dzongkhag experienced many mishaps in the earth male dog year.

More than 20 people died in vehicle accidents, landslide and an explosion. Some remain unreported.

An explosion inside the drift tunnel of powerhouse II for Nyera Amari hydropower project at Martsala gewog in Samdrupcholing killed four men on impact and injured one who later succumbed to injuries in hospital.

All deceased sustained significant burn including the facility inside the drift tunnel and the investigation team concluded it as a methane gas explosion.

A vehicle accident killed five passengers, aged between 13 and 60, and 22 injured when a tripper truck they were travelling in veered off the road at Rikhey in Samdrupjongkhar.

The accident occurred on June 30. There were 27 passengers including the driver.

Three men died on impact at Philuma farm road construction in Orong gewog, Samdrupjongkhar. Landslide washed them on July 11. The incident occurred when the deceased were working at the site.

The landslide was suspected to have occurred because of the blasting works, which loosened the earth and the rocks. Since there is a high seepage area and the crack rocks, the vibration of the drilling machine is also believed to be the cause of the slide.

In Pemagatshel, the year started with the dzongkhag administration revoking the admission of eight students, who were admitted in class PP to Nganglam Central School (CS) by manipulating the date of birth certificates.

The dzongkhag administration also took administrative action against seven teachers including the principal for tampering of documents and supervisory lapses.

Of the eight students, six are the children of Nganglam CS’s teachers and other two are the children of a businessman and a drungkhag official. The investigation report by the dzongkhag established that the documents of the eight students were tampered and used to gain undue admission.

In another incidence, a Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) soldier shot his friend on the thigh and abdomen. The suspect was found unfit for duties involving independent responsible tasks including patrolling and sentry duties with arms.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar