Kuzu kuzu,

My name is Lucky.

As you can see, this is the feline season here at the Kuensel adoption column. Indeed, there are a few of us at the shelter who need a new home. Unfortunately, last week’s column did not bring any visitor to us or phone calls for Siri and he has been a bit sulky since then.

I hope to be more lucky and live up to my name. I am a big boy, one and a half years old with a soft grey and white coat. I came to the shelter with a broken leg nearly 4 months ago. It was very painful and I had developed a bone infection, which required antibiotics treatment for 12 long weeks.

I did not want to take my pills at first, but then another cat told me that I might get an injection if I did not. I hate injections so I became a good boy and swallowed my pills dutifully. Before long, I had no more pain and I could put weight on my leg again. My hair grew back and I was back on my four feet!

I have to confess though that I had a family before my accident. But they do not seem to want me back. They know I am doing well but they are not coming to pick me up. It is sad to hear every day after diner: “Sorry Lucky, nobody came. Nobody phoned for you.”

I guess they do not care anymore. That is why I asked to be in the column as well.

Please pick up the phone and ask for Lucky. I cannot wait to give you all my affection and be the best cat ever.