Kuzu la,

I am just a very small puppy so I hope you will forgive my simple English and lack of literary skills. I am very young and new at the shelter that I did not know we could be featured in an adoption column if we were well-behaved and healthy dogs or cats.

I just arrived at Yusipang shelter a few days ago. I was rescued by a nice couple that called the shelter and asked if they could help. They picked me up from the side of the road where I was lying, dazed and confused. I honestly do not remember what happened to me. I just know that when I was picked up, I had blood in my mouth and was unable to stand and walk properly. Was I run over by a car and had a narrow escape? Nobody knows for sure – I have no wounds, not a scratch on me.

After a good night’s sleep in my own private basket in a cool clean sheet, I look and feel perfectly happy and healthy like brand new!  I can’t say I am sad or anything to have lost my way and my mum to end up alone in a big street in a big city because I am too small to remember much. All and all, I feel I have been very lucky to find really caring people on my way to get me out of trouble.

Still I hope my luck continues and I am able to join my own new family soon thanks to the K2 adoption column. My name is Adrian, like the person who rescued me, and I am very loving and playful. And I can be your best friend if you let me be. Just have some patience for my youth and some tenderness for my baby ways. After all, even if I already had a lot happened in my life, I am still a baby who need love and care. I hope to grow up to be the best of companion and the kindest friend. Come to the shelter or phone us and ask for Adrian!