Hello hello everybody,

My name is Foxy and you will know why at the end of my column.

I am not such a young pup anymore but I am still young at heart. I was not born at the shelter but I was brought here so small that it really feels like home to me. To let you imagine how young I was when I was rescued, let me just say that I opened my eyes here in Yusipang. And since then, all I saw were nice people trying to make me feel as good and make me be as happy and healthy as possible. I am not in the puppies ward anymore and I am not outside with the big group of dogs either. It would be too dangerous for me to be left by myself with the bigger and older dogs without proper introduction.

So, us youngster pups, we are in the midway house, half outside and half inside so that others can see us, smell us, talk to us and get to know us but can’t try to bully or even bite us. Dogs are territorial animas like humans. They don’t mind meeting others in public spaces but they will guard and defend their home, garden and territory against strangers trying to move in. And I understand that: most of us at the shelter come from the streets and had a hard tough life before being saved or helped back to health and dignity. And we still keep our old habits of survival in the back of our head or even in the deep collective unconscious, even though there is no need any longer to fight for food, garbage dumper or dry sleeping places. All of us are spayed as well, so we don’t get into lover quarrels or heated jealousy fights with each other. Still we can enjoy a healthy love life with our chosen partner. And lucky for me, no unwanted teenage pregnancies!

But as my friend Khandu who just joined us last week at the midway house says, we need to move on with our life and make space for the new comers in bad shape. I am not picky at all I love everybody! Humans have been kind to me since I can remember and all I want is to pay back and forward all the love and attention I got. If you need a friend or would like a playmate, I am all yours! Come and ask for foxy! That is my name cause I am witty, clever, curious and funny!! Please come and visit me.