Kuzuzangpo La,

My name is Puki and I am new at the shelter.

I think I have the chance to be in this column because I am small, young and tiny and people here don’t want me to get sick from the other dogs. They told me that the best place to catch a disease is at the hospital! So the sooner you feel better, the quicker you need to go home or in my case… to find a home!

That is why I am lucky to show my white face here before some of the older inmates. They do not mind when they say: many of them are strong dogs from the city streets or the countryside who had a rough life before and good genes which help them to fight sicknesses and ailments. But us little pouch and breeds coming from outside, we are much more fragile and susceptible to all kind of bugs that the strong Bhutanese fellows just brush off their shoulder.

So here I am: 6 months, 5 kilos, white head full of curly locks and a little black nose to smell your hand when you come to meet me. There is a few  of us cute puppies at the shelter at the moment, but I was chosen to be in the Kuensel because everyone says I am very cute. But us doggies, we do not care about that. We focus on inner beauty: great personality, good manners, kindness, faithfulness and intelligence.

I am very impressed with the dogs from Bhutan; yes, they can be rough looking, scarred and a little shabby sometimes but their heart is often of pure gold and if you give them a little care, they will love you and care for you forever! Please come and see us at the shelter! You will see me first: I look like a snowball made of cotton, but my mates are as cute and nice as I am if you look at them twice!