Kuzuzangpo la,

My name is Buli. I am the brother of Jigme who was in this column last week. My coat is the same beautiful red color, but my eyes are not blue, they are a rich brown honey tone.

I did not get my name cause I am a bully. In fact, I am a little shy but because I look very much like another dog that was rescued in Zhemgang a long time ago. The humans who are taking care of us at the shelter in Yusipang used to live there before. Apparently, I look like him. I heard he was rescued near the new environment friendly Dakpai/Buli road, hence his name Buli, and that he had been run over by a car.

At the Shelter, there are many paraplegic dogs because there is more and more cars in Bhutan. Unfortunately, some dogs are careless crossing the roads and some drivers are reckless when they are driving. I have never seen the streets before, but I already know I will have to be very careful if I find myself in town or near a car. I am only a small pup, but I am big enough to know I must learn from other’s mistakes rather than making my own.

I love to play and I am very lucky to be born with all my limbs. I am very much aware that I am a lucky boy and with a great generous help from you, I might be even luckier to be adopted by a loving family. Come and visit the shelter and we can meet and play.

Thank you.