Hello hello,

My name is Tiger. You saw my brother Ginger in this column a month ago.

He did not find a family yet, so I hope that my story will help getting us both the chance to be adopted by a cat loving family in Bhutan.

A mom and five newborn kittens are also on their way to the shelter I heard. So as we are bigger and healthy, we are ready to give our soft basket and warm blanket up to help save other’s lives. But we cannot survive alone in the streets, so we need your help!

Ginger is a red head, my brother Tak, Ravioli, my blind sister and myself are grey with stripes and everybody teases me because I have really big ears. We are very playful and a little naughty as well. The shelter people say it is a sign of good health: kittens are supposed to be mischievous. If they are not, there might be something wrong with their health.

Let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with us. But there is one thing: we came at the shelter so young and weak that we are not streetwise and we have spent most of our short life (we are only three and a half months) inside the house or the hospital ward with other cats, dogs, puppies and even monkeys! We were all friends getting better and we learned to love and respect each other, not to fight or flight.

So, we need a family who will keep us inside the house safe and sound, away from the dangers of the streets, the cars and the stray dogs, at least at the beginning! We love the bukari more than the sem girig! Thank you for giving us a chance to a happy life with you.