Kuzu everybody!

I cannot tell you what my name is because I don’t have one yet. Not because no one is looking after me or taking good care of me, but because I am actually one of the few lucky puppies who is born at the shelter!

There is not that many of us because one of the first things happening to dogs or cats who are rescued and who have to stay at the shelter for some time is to get spayed after they have recovered from whichever disease they had when they came in. It is dangerous to have surgery when you are sick, so many dogs that are rescued needs weeks and even months to get better. And some female doggies happen to be already pregnant when they arrive. This is what happened to my mom and that is why I was born at the shelter.

Mommy was skinny that nobody even suspected she could be expecting puppies. And when she started to get bigger, everybody believed it was because of the good food she was getting four times a day and in response to all the vitamins and minerals which were part of her treatment as well. They all thought she was getting better really fast and putting on a lot of much needed weight!  Indeed she was, and my sister and I were getting bigger as well inside her belly, happy with all the good nutrients coming to us.

All expecting mothers must eat healthy food full of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Not only dog or cat moms but humans as well! One of the ladies at the shelter got a baby as well and because she was healthy, the baby is perfect! She was not smoking, not drinking, eating lots of fruits and veggies and little baby human came out healthy as well. All the babies deserve to be born healthy to have a chance to grow up to be the best dog, cat or little boy or girl they can be.  I was lucky till now. Please help me stay healthy and be happy by welcoming me in your family! Come and visit me at the shelter and we can see how playful and full of life and energy we are! Thank you.