To repent for his sin, the driver, who drove over a dog and killed it in Babesa last week, 

has pledged to become a permanent member of Project Zeus. 

The monk was found with members of Project Zeus, the group that had rescued the stray dog. The members feed strays and rescue sick ones.

“I express my regret and grief. I commit to being a permanent sponsor in rescuing strays,” the monk said.

He said that he honked and thought that Dungkar, the dog, had walked away. “When I found out, I panicked. It was too late by then.”

He submitted a statement to the police where he confessed and said that it was an unfortunate accident. He stated that he had no intention to harm the dog and that he did not see it.

CCTV footage shows that the monk returns to the scene after a few minutes.

A team member of Zeus said the CCTV footage was uploaded on social media sites to show what happened.

“We’re not sure who the driver was, and although a vehicle returns we could not confirm the vehicle number plate,” the member said, adding that it was three days after the video went viral on social media platforms that the person came to see the team.

“Even after the accident, the driver did not follow the team to the veterinary hospital,” the member said. “He looked like a passerby and did not say it was him who ran over the dog.”

Section 396 (D) of the Penal Code of Bhutan states: “A defendant shall be guilty of the offence of malicious mischief if the defendant without right or any reasonable ground to believe that the defendant has the right to do so: causes serious bodily injury to an animal.”

The police said that the case was under investigation.

The member said that many wrongdoers in such cases escaped without penalty. “We need a strict law to protect animal rights.”

By Chhimi Dema

Edited by Tshering Palden