LG: Pemagatshel will see almost all their incumbent gups re-contest in the upcoming Local Government (LG) elections.

Most of the gups said if they are to complete unfinished developmental activities of the 11th Plan, they will have to re-contest.

Some said the people’s support, encouragement and experience were some of the other reasons to re-contest.

A few local leaders shared that although they had decided not to re-contest but as the LG elections have been postponed, it would provide them with time to consider re-contesting.

Having served as gup for more than 10 years, Shumar Gup Lepo said he had planned to leave for a religious retreat but because of the people’s faith and trust in him given his experience, he is likely to re-contest.

“I believe whether it’s a new or old gup, it’s all about carrying out your responsibilities. People had insisted I re-contest in the last election and this time too,” he said. “If I don’t take part it might not look good.”

Decheling Gup, Sonam Rinchen, will re-contest against four new gup candidates. But he is confident. He intends to ensure six developmental activities that are important for the gewog are included in the next Plan.

Similarly, the Nanong Gup, Sonam Jamtsho, said more than a hundred activities have been completed but a few villagers are yet to get road connection. This is the sole reason that is driving him to re-contest.

Many said five years is not enough to implement all the developmental activities and fulfil pledges made earlier.

“We’ve to attend to different meetings, trainings and workshops that sometimes we hardly get to work on the activities,” Chimoong Gup, Sonam Tshewang, said. “So, if old gups are re-elected we would get enough time to implement the on-going activities.”

Khar Gup, Chedup, said if new candidates are contesting, it is a challenge but it doesn’t mean the incumbent gups should give up.

With almost all the gewogs having at least three aspiring gups each, Yurung Gup, Sonam Dhendup, will re-contest because more candidates means more choices for the people.

Pemagatshel has 11 gewogs including three in Nganglam dungkhag.

Yangchen C Rinzin | Pemagatshel