A total 154 students of Sengdhen lower secondary school (SLSS) in Dophuchen (Dorokha), Samtse, three teachers, and three villagers, have been affected with Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) as of yesterday evening.

Dophuchen gup Padam Bahadur Rai said the situation is under control. The drungkhag officials, the gup, and health officials are visiting the school.

“Doctor has visited the school continuously to monitor the children,” the gup said. “Some officials are also staying at the school.”

Drungkhag officials also said that most students affected are from Panbari area of Tading gewog, Samtse. The outbreak was first reported on August 8 as five students were affected.

Assistant dzongkhag health officer of Samtse, Tashi Dorji, who was at Shengden yesterday evening said they have isolated all affected to other rooms in the hostel.

“They are being treated,” he said. “All affected are being given symptomatic treatment.”

Tashi Dorji said there were no referrals made as of yesterday. The situation is under control, he said, explaining that drungkhag administration, gewog, and other agencies are all involved in preventive measures.

“We are still studying how the outbreak started,” Tashi Dorji said.

There are 571 students at SLSS.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing