Members from the armed forces opened about 863 saving accounts with the Bhutan Development Bank Limited (BDBL) on December 31, 2017.

The bank organised a sensitisation programme for head of the families of the armed force on the benefits of saving. Similar programmes were held on the same day in all dzongkhags.

Chief executive officer of BDBL, Phub Dorji said it was found that the knowledge on savings was very little among huge group of people like the armed forces. “It is to bring them into the saving mainstream by encouraging them to save money through Drinchen Ama Saving Deposit scheme.”

A 48-year old Cheten Gembo came along with his wife, Tshewang Choden to open a savings account at the Royal Body Guard (RBG) mess in Thimphu. Apart from saving to support them in times of need, he said that saving would become easier with the box provided.

“The box is convenient as we can save money even from home,” he said.

A press release from BDBL stated that the scheme is meant for parents and mothers in particular to instill saving practices and encourage the family to save for the future.

A 36-year old housewife, Euden is among the many that manages whatever income the house has in a month.

The mother of two said she is saving for emergency expenses and for her children’s education. “I try to save whatever little we have so that it can be useful in the future.”

Ugyen Choden said it was really important to save. “During difficult times and when we need something to be done, money helps, even if little.”

The 26-year-old said that it would also help her family be independent.

Rinchen Zangmo