…with effect from this month

Dechen Dolkar

The Armed Forces salary is also revised ranging from 55 to 71 percent. This means Chuma personnel’s gross salary will be little more than Nu 30,000 a month including allowances.

On July 10, the Chief of Police sent a letter stating that as per the order dated June 30, of the Chief Operations Officers, AHQ, the pay revision for Armed Forces is approved.

It will be effective from July 1 and human resources are directed to carry out the pay increments task and implement accordingly.  

As same as the civil servants’ pay revision, the Armed Forces have also proposed a higher percent hike for the low level of rank and a low percent hike for a high level of rank.

According to the pay scale, 71 perecnt pay hike is proposed for Chuma personnel, 70 percent for Gopa, 58 percent for Captain and Major and 55 percent hike for lieutenant Colonel and above rank.

Armed Forces are also entitled to various allowances depending upon their ranks.

However, it is mentioned that the revised pay will be a lumpsum amount and not in the form of minimum basic pay and will be not be tied with any benefits including pension.

Under the non-commissioned officers (NCOs) category, Chuma personnel which is the lowest rank, their basic salary is Nu 12,555  a month and the total revision from pay reform 2022 and this year revision is Nu 8,915. Their gross salary would be more than Nu 30,000 a month including various allowances.

For NCOs, their allowances include vegetable allowance and armed force allowance.

Similarly, for a Drimgom, which is highest rank under NCOs category, the basic salary is Nu 20,640 and the total pay hike is Nu 13,005, which takes their gross salary to more than 43,000 including the allowances monthly.

Under the commissioned officer category, a Lieutenant officer’s basic salary is Nu 26,845 and the total hike is Nu 15,840.

For a Major post, the basic salary is Nu 41,270 and the total pay hike is Nu 23,950 and for Lt Colonel post the basic salary is Nu 49,435 and the total hike is Nu 27,190. The gross salary would be around Nu 90,000 per month.

For Lt General, the basic salary is Nu 137,800 and the total hike is Nu 75,790.