Jigmi Wangdi

On the auspicious occasion of His Majesty The King’s 44th birth anniversary, VAST Bhutan has inaugurated an art exhibition titled “Portraiture in Earth Colours.”

The exhibition extends a warm invitation to art enthusiasts, cultural aficionados, and the general public to pay tribute to His Majesty’s legacy by exploring Bhutan’s diverse cultural heritage and artistic prowess.

Featuring the works of 32 exceptionally talented artists, the exhibition showcases 42 exquisite artworks meticulously crafted using a diverse palette of earth-derived colors.

These artworks, inspired by Bhutan’s breathtaking landscapes, utilize mediums such as mud, stone, plant-based pigments, and intricately carved wood.

Each art piece is a testament to Bhutan’s rich tapestry of natural resources and the artists’ remarkable ability to transform them into captivating portraits.

From the subtle tones of mud to the warm hues of wood and stone, every stroke on the canvas reflects the vibrant spirit of Bhutanese artistry.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, each artwork tells a unique story, weaving together creativity and heritage to bridge the gap between tradition and contemporary ideas.

The exhibition not only provides a platform for artistic expression but also celebrates the cultural richness that defines Bhutan.

“Portraiture in Earth Colours” offers visitors a visual journey that transcends time, connecting the past with the present while celebrating Bhutan’s distinctive artistic identity.

More than a mere display of artworks, this exhibition is a living testament to the enduring artistic spirit of Bhutan.

The exhibition will be open to the public until March 31st, providing an opportunity for all to immerse themselves in the beauty and creativity of Bhutanese art.