My right knee hurts. I have seen a doctor and taken appropriate medication. But few weeks on the pain still lingers. I seek advice? 

Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Pain is not the cause. Most of our current medical and social approach is limited in scope and vision. It is mostly geared towards eliminating only the signal and not the cause. We humans have evolved to be utterly lazy. If a doctor prescribed you a choice between popping a few pills or making a few lifestyle changes. Which one would you choose? 

Barring accidents most knee pain arises from either chronic lack of movement, misaligned movement, imbalance in muscle. Very often and more likely all of the above. 

For acute pain I encourage the use of medical intervention. For chronic pain I highly encourage a lifestyle change. 

Sit less: Perhaps the most chronic pandemic is sitting on some form of chair. At home we sit, at work we sit, while we commute we sit, at the gym we sit, while we eat we sit, while we excrete we sit. The more we sit the more our muscles deteriorate, joints lose its range of motion, and our bones it’s density. Which is a highway to pain and injury. 

Realign your feet: Alignment begins at the point where our bodies make contact with gravity. Our feet. Ideally our default foot stance should be roughly shoulder width apart and both feet running parallel to each other. The more it deviates from this path the more you open yourself up for foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, and neck injury. It’s our body’s ecosystem. Disrupt one point and it’s tremors are felt every where. 

Move more: Our bodies are designed to move using our two beautiful feet. Through out your waking hours you should seek opportunities to move. walk, squat, lunge, sit in a kneeling position, sit cross legged, stand tall, and when devoid of pain sometimes run.