How do you define Health?

I define health as an individual state of balance. It’s a process, not a static state or destination. It is a dance with the forces of time, life and nature. It’s a lifelong quest to build a mind and body that serves you.

The quality of your questions will dictate the quality of your life. So allow me to try and answer your questions with additional qualitative questions.

No sleep no life?

Does the quality of your good night sleep dictate the quality of your good day? Do you fall asleep effortlessly at bed time or do you flap like a fish on dry land? Do you remain asleep until you rise in the morning? Do you wake up rested or wasted?

Moving for life?

Is our ability to move one of the distinct qualities that distinguishes us from the plant kingdom? Are you guilty of moving too little? How free and effortlessly do you move? Are you comfortable bending over to tie your shoe laces or are you creaking and groaning? Can you sit both on the floor and on a chair comfortably? Can you walk upright, stable and pain free? Can you press a suitcase into an overhead bin of an aircraft or do you cry out for help? Can you carry your groceries without a back or knee ache? Can you walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing?

Is optimal digestion necessary?

Does the fire in your belly burn your food or you? Do you digest your food well or does it lie still like a rock in your belly? Do you effortlessly pass stool or do you have to push, squeeze and struggle? Do you enjoy the simple and original flavors of your food or do you have to drown your food in sugar, salt, fat, spices and wine?

An undisciplined mind?

Does everything begin and end in your mind? Is your mind and body connected? What is the length and depth of your focus? Does your mind reside mostly in peace or in conflict? How is your memory? Are you mostly calm or mostly anxious? Does your mind reside predominantly in gratitude or in greed? Are you constantly complaining or are you constantly complementing? Are you seeking to serve or seeking to be served?

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