What is meditation?

Meditation has been painfully misunderstood by the world both in the east but far worse in the west. A picture of a man or women sitting crossed legged with eyes closed has been throughly etched deeply into countless subconscious minds. This image and the word meditation has become synonymous. This cognitive bias has been chiseled into us by leading media houses, social media, influencers and internet.

This contemporary idea and glorification of meditation is its shallowest form. Like the alphabets we first learn as children. Alphabets alone are limited, but its combinations carry unlimited potential to create an infinite number of words, sentences, languages, poetry and volumes and volumes of books.

What is meditation?

Only when you rise above your EGO you become meditation.

When the idea or I/ME/MINE ceases to exist you transcend your ego and become meditation. When you truly meditate the meditator ceases to exist. Anything else is noise, it may attract attention but contains no intrinsic value.

This egoless state can be achieved through any activity. The secret ingredient to metamorphose ordinary activities into extraordinary experiences or meditation is “HOW”

“HOW” you do is the only thing that matters on a spiritual journey. You need to embrace the “PROCESS” completely, you must delve all of yourself into it, you ought to lose yourself in it, you have to become it.

All of us have experienced a glimpse of this state. Some of us have experienced this during a near death accident, when intense fear and concern for survival made a few seconds expand into a lifetime. While working Intently on a project at work hours flew by without eating nor drinking. Whilst witnessing the miracle of the birth of your first child. While lost reading or writing a great book. When saying goodbye to a loved one on their death bed.

Meditation is the ambrosia for the god that lies within us. Everything in life has an inherent quality of meditativeness in it. You need to acquire the understanding and skill to make your whole existence a MEDITATION.