The villagers of Richanglu in Gomdar, Samdrupjongkhar have stopped milk transportation and vegetable production after the flood at Ngonthongri washed the farm road away.

Farm road secretary, Sonam Zangpo, 29, said the April 26 flood washed the road away.

He said the tshogpa informed the people that the gup conducted a special meeting along chiwog tshogpas and other officials. Nu 180,000 budget was approved to clear the farm road.

“But nothing is done until now and we didn’t know what happened to the budget approved during the meeting,” Sonam Zangpo said.

Rechanglu farm road washed away on April 26

Rechanglu farm road washed away on April 26

Farm road accountant, Tashi Pheljay, said Richanglu was the largest vegetable producer in the dzongkhag. The village used to supply vegetables to Gomdar Central School, Dewathang, and Samdrupjongkhar.

“We bought jersey cows on loan and it’s been four months we haven’t paid loan installments as we have we could not transport milk,” a villagers said.

About 27 households in Richanglu grow vegetables and about 31 households do the milk marketing. Richanglu village is about 14 kilometres from Gomdar gewog centre.

Gomdar gup, Sonam Tshewang, said the gewog cleared the road thrice through gewog development grant (GDG) but the road was again washed away because it was not constructed as per the survey. He added that widening works of highway at Narphung also affected the farm road.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Gomdar


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