A week-long Wang, Lung and Thri or blessing and empowerment, oral transmission of the sacred texts of Duejom Drodul Lingpa being conducted by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche at Chador lhakhang, Bartsham in Trashigang concludes today.  

More than 10,000 devotees including trulkus, Khenpos, lams, lopons and laymen are receiving the empowerment. 

In Vajrayana Buddhism, the trifecta of Wang, Lung and Thri, constitute the three foundational practices that deepen and enrich a practitioner’s spiritual attainments.

The Wang is a holy blessing and empowerment ritual that introduces and initiates the student into a particular form of tantric deity practice. 

The Lung is the reading, interpretation and oral transmission of the sacred texts and scriptures associated with those practices, which may only be performed by a most accomplished and realized master of the tradition. 

The Thri, finally, constitutes the pith instructions and admonitions to the student by the master on how to perform the rituals and ceremonies associated with the deity practices into which the student has just received initiations. 

The word Thri literally means “to lead” all sentient beings toward the path of enlightenment or ultimate liberation, away from the cyclic forms of existence and suffering known as Samsara.