Criminal activities increased by 681 in 2022

Lhakpa Quendren

The number of criminal offences has risen dramatically in 2022.

In 2021, due largely to the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions, the number of criminal offences in the country was at 2,818. The number rose to 3,499 in 2022, up by 681.

Battery and substance abuse continue to be the leading criminal offences in the country, followed by larceny, burglary and deceptive practice, among others.

Except for Punakha, Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, and Zhemgang, all other dzongkhags saw a rise in the number of criminal offences last year.

Thimphu saw the highest spike with 1,462 cases, an increase of 281 cases from 2021.

Chukha saw a rise of criminal cases by 159  last year and Paro by 103.

Zhemgang saw the lowest number of criminal cases—18. Gasa has 26 and Lhuentse 28.

The Deputy Chief of Police, Colonel Passang Dorji, said: “While we have been closely monitoring and dealing efficiently with the cases in the country, it is difficult to reach to and nab the suppliers from outside.”

To curb drug abuse and illicit trafficking, he said that the RBP would open a dedicated drug division in Thimphu and establish more police stations along the southern borders.

Crimes decline on New Year’s Eve

Unlike in the past years, police claimed that there was a decline in criminal cases on New Year’s Eve 2023.

The decline is attributed to extra measures taken by the RBP such as intensified crime control petrol and checking in various places to prevent crimes.

Colonel Passang Dorji said that the initiative helped the RBP to bring the situation under control. “New Year’s Eve this year was better than previous years…It is not because of our immediate actions, but the actions that we have initiated since a few months back on drugs and crime control.”

Many initiatives are being taken by the RBP, he added. “When everybody contributes in their small ways, we can make our communities safe and peaceful.”