Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment (BCSEA) will not reconduct BHSEC-XII English II examination. That is one of the greatest shockers the nation got in recent memory as BCSEA issued a communiqué to the media houses yesterday. The board has decided to evaluate English II paper and award the marks accordingly.

What to make of this decision from a highly regarded office, we do not know.

Authorities knew of the leakage of the paper on the very day of examination. That was one month and two days ago today. As it should, BCSEA launched an investigation immediately. But its decision to base the validity of English exam result on English I marks was plain senseless and unfair. Public reaction was strong.

After all these events and many moons later, the BCSEA board met for the second time on January 7. But the decision that the board arrived that day, to evaluate English II paper and award marks accordingly, is equally devoid of sense and meaning.

Those responsible for the leakage of the paper should be penalised, severely, of course. What is immensely wonderful is that BCSEA hasn’t yet got to the person who did it when it could get to the first person who sent the first text message on the phone.

BCSEA may have reasons for taking so long to decide on what to do and who to hold responsible. But that is not acceptable to thousands of students and parents who demand fairness in the truest sense of the term. Why is there such a thing as exam if anyone can leak papers and those who do not get the questions beforehand should settle for what marks are given to them?

One full month is a long time. BCSEA must settle on a decision that is fair to all who sat Class XII examinations last year.  It should make sure that there is fairness in all its decisions and actions. Where we have a problem today is in the sherig sector. Let the people not lose faith in the system that holds the pulse of all other sectors.

This is not the first time. Papers have leaked in the past. Whatever happened to those who leaked the papers, who knows? What we urgently need today is stringent measures and mechanisms so that such incidents do not occur in the future.

From whoever and wherever `the directives came from, to base the validity of English I marks for English II, there is a need to achieve complete fairness.

This is the time for the authorities to prove what they are worth. Do not ever undermine people’s intelligence and hard work. This is the time for the authorities to regain public trust.