… individuals can apply again only after three years

Sherab Lhamo 

Bhutan Construction and Transport Authority (BCTA) recently revoked 1,603 driving licences issued in Phuentsholing. The cancellations, stemming from procedural lapses and non-compliance, were identified during an internal review conducted in October of the previous year. The lapses were found to have occurred during the issuance of licences from 2016 to August 2023. 

The licence holders, whose credentials were flagged, have been removed from the Check Post Management System (CPMS), and they have been duly informed about the cancellation through SMS notifications.

The internal review was part of the BCTA’s efforts to streamline processes and ensure adherence to regulatory standards. During the investigation, procedural lapses and non-compliance issues came to light, revealing that, in some cases, only one out of the three required committee members had signed and granted authority for document verification. This oversight allowed certain individuals to obtain their licences.

An official from BCTA highlighted that this incident reflects on the integrity of the individual involved, leading to administrative actions being taken against the responsible officer. The review included statements from officers, and licence holders, and an examination of system documents, with no evidence of bribery or corruption discovered.

The official said for a person to get a driving licence they need to fulfil three stages including getting signatures from the three committee members that the individual has passed the test and passing both the five-point box test and the highway test. The individuals whose licences were revoked failed to fulfil these procedures.

Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) regulations of 2021, Section 148 empowers the authority to cancel licences acquired without the required tests or through fraudulent practices. The authority can cancel licences in the best interest of the licence holder and other road users. 

According to the regulation, these licence holders can only apply for a new licence three years after their licence cancellation.

The BCTA has initiated internal reviews in other dzongkhags as part of its commitment to enhancing service delivery and adhering strictly to a zero-tolerance policy.