The incident occurred on October 14 at Khebisa gewog in Dagana

Update: A 27-year-old farmer from Kekena, Khebisa gewog in Dagana who was mauled by a bear on October 14 is now in a stable condition.

The man was discharged yesterday morning from the Dagana basic health unit (BHU) after he was admitted there since October 14 around 5.30 pm.

The incident took place on October 14 when the man was on his way to collect his cattle from a nearby forest. He told BHU officials that the bear was with her cubs. The bear pounced upon him to attack his face but he managed to protect his face. However, the bear injured his scalp. He told health officials that the bear escaped with her cubs when he managed to kick the bear.

Dagana BHU’s medical officer Dr Gyan Gurung said that the victim has suffered a 15 cm laceration on the scalp and abrasion on his chest.

“We suspected ribs fracture after the patient complained of pain in his ribs,” Dr Gyan Gurung said, adding that the X-Ray ruled out any fracture to the ribs.

Dr Gyan Gurung added that the patient was given antibiotics until his condition improved.

This is the second bear maul incident that Dagana BHU recorded this year.

The first incident took place about six months ago. The victim suffered from severe nasal injury after which he was referred to the Thimphu referral hospital.

Yeshey Dema, Dagapela