Sherab Lhamo

Ten local chess players competed against contenders from the Westfield Chess Club in New Jersey, USA, in the inaugural Bhutan and US Friendship Bridge Tournament on September 2.

The two-day tournament was held at the Royal University of Bhutan, Thimphu, Bhutan.

The tournament’s primary goal was to bring together chess players from Bhutan and the United States, encourage them to compete in a healthy way and build lasting friendships.

The tournament is organised by the Bhutan Chess Federation (BCF) in collaboration with Alexander Hu, a board member of the New Jersey State Chess Federation and president of the New Jersey Reach Program, along with Haibo Hu, the president of the New Jersey Westfield Chess Club. 

“We are excited to bring this groundbreaking event to Bhutan,” said Alexander Hu.

He said that this tournament was a unique opportunity for chess enthusiasts from two different cultures to come together and celebrate their shared passion for the game. “We hope that this tournament will help to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our two countries.”

The tournament was played with a time control of 25 minutes per player, with a 5-second increment. The players competed for the title of “Friendship Bridge Champion” and the top three players from each country were given prizes. 

BCF also signed a partnership with Phuenzhi (Four Friends) as their official tournament venue for all individuals who are interested.

The Bhutan and US Friendship Bridge Tournament 2023 is expected to be a memorable event which will create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship between the chess communities of Bhutan and the United States.